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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

in #dbloglast year

There's not much for me to add to what the other commenters have said here. Many of us have been hoping that people in your situation will draw from the reward pool less, and concentrate on more on raising the value of steem. You and some others have so much latent ability to do so through your stake, it's more sad to me than anything else when this potential isn't achieved. I believe that one of the primary methods we can all accomplish this is through supporting new and undervalued blogs, not by directing the majority of support to established orcas and whales. It's true there is value to individuals such as yourself holding large amounts of steem, but there is so much more value in getting more of the reward pool to smaller blogs to energize them to keep posting more content, and even possibly purchase more steem on the open market. Any number of the commenters here could help you both maximize your curation rewards, as well as your impact. I've always had the impression that you want to be a positive force, but it's easy for all of us to get locked into old patterns, and that's understandable. I would only suggest before making any hasty decisions, that you experiment with adjusting those patterns and see what happens. You might actually be pleasantly surprised.


vlemon answer to your lobby group

No votes are going to broncnutz and cryptopassion anymore so you can cross this out. I like jrcornel posts so yes I upvote. Then you have my self votes which I think is still okay isn’t it ?
So you have 25% left on 3 people and the rest on other people. 75% of my upvotes away not through autovotes (taking away my own posts) is still not enough?

75% of your upvotes go to 15 people ! What about your split ? And you get Steem from being a witness so you don’t need to upvote yourself.

Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?

I'm his friend and I'm not even on the fucking list.

Your argument is invalid.

Edit: Just realized that isn't even @joshman's voting pattern. Gosh, wtf is this?

I guess we should all now vote only for you.

What's wrong? Can't stand that your friend is WRONG?

Wow, just wow. I wasn't even paying attention to that.

What do I call your lobby? The dipshit lobby?

If you use these words in communication then you do not deserve to be a part of comments and blogs at all because we need professionals and cultural people.

I value this comment

You sound to me like the empty planet on steenit so far

Hey look, another sockpuppet account from the moron squad. It's steemit moron, not steenit. Thanks for the laughs, keep it up.

Screen Shot 20191106 at 7.08.54 AM.png

Thank you for intro

@hamletnow and You MORON sound exactly like @flysky. Gotcha!!

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