Morning Walk Along Canal

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This weekend, I visited my city to attend a marriage ceremony. I stayed there for 3 to 4 days. In the morning, I did some morning walk as I used to do in my school days. My city has a canal running between the city. In old days, I did a morning walk daily and enjoyed the nature and landscape of my area. In old days there were no carpeted roads and pathways. I was happy to see that now they have developed this area and many people were doing the morning walk and this place has become a family fun place.




They have also built a different bridge crossing on the canal. I also saw many hotels and sitting places developed by canal-side, so people enjoy in the evening. I did a morning walk along the canal after 15 to 16 years. I have many old memories with this place, how did we enjoy and swim but I felt that now people have no time to enjoy it.




As I am also a nature lover and spend my time in birding so I also observed some wildlife that thrives in this environment. The sunrise was the best part of this morning walk. I also saw some ducks having a race.





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