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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

in #dblog11 months ago

Hi @slowwalker

I started to follow you because you published an article about your mother and her paintings, this article is very heartwarming and I love it.This should have happened two or three years ago, I started following your post after that. And I especially enjoyed and learned a lot from your series on Buddhism.

I have read almost every article you have written, but since English is not my native language, it is difficult for me to make some comments. But I still think we're good friends, at least I think we are.

I set up automatic upvote to your posts, but I never expected a return, nor did I care about the gain or loss, just because I like it. Although sometimes I'm happy when you upvoted on my posts.

I hope you to stay here, continue to produce excellent work just like before. We can't please everyone, It doesn't matter.

Maybe one day I will be under pressure not to automatically upvote your post, but I hope we will always be friends.

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