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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

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When I can't vote for whom I like, When I can't vote for myself, when bloggers say "don't vote for me, so I don't get flags" that means there is no democracy but dictatorship which is against law. Why some bloggers like vote for himself and don't flag Him? If selfvoting is prohibited than "flag him" also. If You flag him for selfvoting than I will believe You are righteous but if You don't than this is called VIOLENCE. Someone can get health problems because of Your constant pressure...

This what is happening on Steemit is called violence, threatening & is crime.

When You force somebody to do something what You want Him/Her to do ( and He/Her is not doing anything contrary to Steemit policy ) according to law is called violence & violence is against Human rights...

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I just checked. It is correct. This guy votes over and over for his own post. This is going on for long period of time. And every post.How so that he is not on downvote trail.
I guess downvote lobby is playing favours and destroying good honest bloggers like @slowwalker instead.
When I see downvote lobby downvoting this member I will believe in their mission.

I definitely agree with you. If censorship downvote lobby is downvoting @slowwalker I think for this member they should apply the same rule coherently. Good point here.

Because you STILL don't understand self voting is NOT prohibited. It is EXCESSIVE self voting and circle jerking that is what's wrong on this blockchain. Decentralize your voting, simple as that.

Keep on attacking me with your family and friend. Maybe one day you find some arguments.... When you do your research.

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