DBREAD Curation Week 43: New Posts from Writer’s Space + Announcements

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Here’s my weekly selection of writing found in Writer’s Space channel on Whaleshares Discord. The selected posts are rewarded by @dbread account to encourage their authors create more original quality content.

Among many other worthy pieces supported by @dbread account this week, I offer to your attention these three posts:

Spanish-speaking users are welcome to enjoy these pieces:

Nice to see literary genres other than poetry appearing on the channel.

And now two announcements:

  1. The next weekly curation will be made by one of long-time Writer’s Space members featured among our nominees.
  2. There’s a new prize, DBREAD Week of Creativity, which will be awarded soon to one of our nominees.

Intrigued? Watch this space!


Writer's Space is a channel for blockchain writers I curate on Whaleshares Discord. You're welcome to post to this channel links to your original quality work related to writing, and the best ones will be massively rewarded. Please take time to read and share others posts. Whaleshares is about sharing — the more you give, the more you receive!

DBREAD, or daily / digital bread, is a share-and-reward token created to help talented people and support community initiatives on Whaleshares platform. The dream behind this token is to let people follow their creative passion without having to worry too much about the reward. Follow @dbread to learn more about contests, airdrops, and other events. Vote for dbread-witness on Whaleshares to support DBREAD initiative!

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