DBREAD Curation Week 45: New Posts from Writer’s Space

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Here’s a weekly selection of writing found in Writer’s Space channel on Whaleshares Discord. The selected posts are rewarded by @dbread account as a sign of appreciation and to encourage authors post original quality content on Whaleshares platform.

This week, our curator for English writing is @warpedpoetic who kindly agreed to do this service for the community. He offers us some beautiful posts of new and promising authors with his original introductions.

Posts selected and introduced by @warpedpoetic, this week’s community curator

The Ant's Tiny Waist... The Story Behind It by @djoi

@djoi tells a folktale on how the ant got its tiny waist. This piece of fiction is gotten from the story told by mothers in villages long before the coming of the cell phone, the internet and social media. Like most African folktales, it makes use of animals as characters and ends with a moral lesson. This piece can be considered to be a trickster tale as the tortoise, the ultimate trickster in most African folktale plays a role in creating the conflict that propels the story up to its climax.

I enjoyed how the @djoi was able to show how the tortoise managed to turn an uncertain peace into an altercation just to get some excitement. It is definitely worth the read. I encourage you to visit the post and give it a read. You can do that here The Ant’s Tiny Waist… The Story Behind it

A love for eternity by @adrian11

@adrian11 leaves us with this lovely poem that chronicles the journey of love from its humble beginnings in the innocence of childhood to the experience of being parents. Each stanza has a picture of the progression of these two characters who are so in love.
Lines that captured my imagination include;

Today we are small and we only know how to play, - stanza 1, line 1.

Today we are immature teenagers playing to love, - stanza 2, line 1.

The piece is a straightforward collection of thoughts and it is definitely worth reading. You can have a read here A love for eternity – Poem.

The past of my first lips by @gaeljosser

@gaeljosser brings the taste of a kiss to us with this piece which he titled, The past of my first lips. The poem looks at the first kiss of the poet persona. The poem creates an image of the sweetness and beauty of the experience. The poet persona compares the kisses to ‘waves breaking’ on a shore. Then he compares the kiss to a dance.
The experience is more than the poet can deal with so he goes back again for more. The poem, a free verse, is enjoyable for the images it creates of kisses that go on and on and the use of repetition to give the reader a sense of the need that drives the poet persona’s confessions. You can give it a read here Poetry – The past of my first lips.

Rebound of Power - Part 2, Chapter 5

@viking-ventures comes with this fantasy series which she titled Rebound of Power. The story is in the second part of the fifth chapter. I have always found fantasy stories fascinating and I enjoy reading a well written fantasy story. Though I could not get the magic system that operated in this fantasy world, I get the sense that this is a mixture of technology and magic of some sort.

Despite the lack of knowledge, possibly because I am yet to read the previous episodes, despite not having background information on the tale itself, I understand it interesting. The possibilities that the characters present is quite interesting. There is something that propels the Nameless one which moves him to wrest a girl from the arms of his former masters. It points at the moral dilemma we face when our beliefs change and friends and lovers become foes.

The story is quite a read and I enjoin you to read the previous episodes to get an idea of the overall concept behind the story. You can read the post here Rebound of Power – Part 2, Chapter 5 – A’mara Books.

Posts in Spanish selected by @beyondbitcoincas

Spanish-speaking users are welcome to enjoy these pieces brought to us by @beyondbitcoincas:


The second Creative Week Award winner (700 DBREAD) is @raj808, a longtime community member. Congratulations and thank you for being here!

@raj808 is a talented British author who loves creative writing (and is really good at it!). He travels a lot and his hobby is recreational scuba diving.


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