dStors Splits & dCommerce Emerges

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Hello Steemians!

As most know, the recent popularity of dStors has generated a significant level of interest within the community. When we were approached by Kali Ju for help with dStors, we wholly transformed the business model to be strategically and tactically executable. We also completely redefined the reward token model to maximally stoke the "What's In It For Me" (WIIFM) approach. We authored the White Paper.

With the recent announcement of Steemit Inc.'s 70% lay off, it became apparent to us that one viable option for the Steem Blockchain was to host "for-profit" entities. While not a novel concept, it was clearly actionable. As result, we authored the recent trending posts, A Profit Essay for Steemians" and "Profit Vision for Steemians". These clearly outlined our strategy and vision on how embracing "for-profit" entrepreneurs would benefit the Steem community for the long term.

The only constant in this Universe is change and to that end, there exist unresolvable leadership differences within the dStors team. Without elaborating the details, we have decided to progress on our own and separate into an independent entity called @dCommerce which now owns all rights to the business & token models in the White Paper, "Monetize Your Shopping" motto and current state of dev project. This separation was a mutual agreement with dStors which will no longer execute the business or token model contained in the White Paper. We view this parting of ways to be exciting and positive as it'll significantly accelerate the go to market strategy and reduce the time-gap for the community's commercial participation.

The dCommerce team is very excited to take the remaining steps to a commercial launch of an online shopping platform that enables quick and efficient spend of STEEM/SBD, while using token rewards to incentivise transaction growth.

This new direction will entail the following:

  • The new for-profit entity is: @dCommerce; www.dcommerce.live (website under construction).
  • dCommerce Inc. will also soon be released as a Gibraltar corporation, ready and equipped for a projected ICO.
  • Essentially, the business model will remain exactly unchanged. It's almost just a name change. The aim of @dCommerce is to match willing buyers and sellers through a crypto token rewards based, peer to peer, borderless shopping platform.
  • The token, DCC (dCommerce Coin), will have the exact same function as detailed in prior dStors posts for the STORS token. Since SMTs are not yet available, the DCC token will first be launched on the Bitshares (BTS) exchange. DCC will be used to reward both buyers and sellers for completed transactions. It can be spent for Steem upvotes or Whaleshares upshares as well as bought/sold on the Bitshares Exchange.
  • ALL DCC tokens will carry a convertible option where it can be exchanged for ICO coins in the future.
  • A revised White Paper with appropriate changes to names, charts and diagrams will be released shortly after the holidays.

Re-Launch of Round A Delegation Campaign:
For those who had already delegated to dStors Round A; it will have to be repeated and made to the @dCommerce account. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • This Round A will enable a 1:4 DCC token reward per SP delegated. This represents a 33% increase from the original Round A.
  • There will still be a 500 minimum SP delegation requirement to be eligible to receive DCC tokens.
  • Each qualified delegator will start receiving 50% of earned DCC tokens beginning on month 4 to month 6, equally divided. The remaining 50% will be paid out on the first week of month 7. For example, a 5k SP delegation will trigger a total of 20k DCC tokens every six months.
  • Prior to launch, the accumulated SP delegation will be used to upvote about 10 times per day, with priority given to anyone who post positively about @dCommerce. Remaining upvotes will be distributed to delegators by order in size of delegations.
  • ALL who transfer delegations from dStors will have grandfathered in start dates. This means that the start date will be the original delegation date made.
  • The target for Round A is set at 1 Mil SP.
  • Close date for this Round A will be announced soon.

Delegate to @dCommerce:
Private Placement: If you would like to purchase DCC tokens as a private OTC placement, please contact us on Steemchat or Discord.

500SP, 1,000SP, 3,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, 50,000SP, 100,000SP, 500,000SP, 1,000,000SP


Who is your team exactly? How is the split going to be implemented with 1 mill sp and will you be using the funds to upvote your personal posts too? Thanks, a concerned Steemian who does not want to see funding a project with the reward pool.

Thanks for your prompt question. dCommerce is a separate entity but the business and token model are exactly same as before. The team is pretty much the same except without Kali Ju. We will post team roster in the updated White Paper, post Holidays!

To your question regarding upvotes, we share your concerns. Prior to commercial launch, delegated SP will first be used to upvote anyone who makes a positive post regarding dCommerce. Then remaining votes will be given to delegators per size of delegation.

Team members, who are also delegators, are fairly eligible for upvotes. However, no personal use of upvotes will be allowed.

Once launch occurs, we project that all SP will be used to upvote those who spend the DCC tokens.

would you please edit your avatar and stop taking the community for fools? I mean this is borderline surreal, in what universe do you think that the people that didnt trust in dstors would trust in dcommerce? has any interstellar portal open that Im not aware of?

Um, if its not your Steempower, why would you care about the reward pool? People can do what they want with their Steempower, its theirs, not the community's...

courtesy of @inertia

Why did you jump from "if it's not your steem power" to "why would you care about the reward pool"? Should we not care why and how the reward pool is used?

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As the wise saying reads: "If you don't change, you no longer exist..." Your post and advice were very clarifying (thanks for reacting so swiftly to the changes of the market!). Now we steemians know what's ahead. Happy 'Xmas!

It is not about who wins, but there is competition. The market share is limited to begin with, and now that share is potentially split. It is good for us to have options and those options are competing against each other to win our patronage. Now, both competitors must decide how they will bring in new users to STEEM space because sharing a limited resource will not be fruitful for either competitor.

In other words, how are you going to grow a large userbase? Making Steemians happy will be a no-win situation as there are just not enough of us. In order to grow your business, You will need to have a plan to grow STEEM users well beyond what we have today.

I would like to see a plan explaining how you intend to do this.

We are finalizing a go to market strategy. As you mentioned, there could be competing efforts and usually this benefits the consumers.

As a private, for profit corporation, our natural inclination is not to open our books nor the full details of our strategy and tactics. No private company would do this for obvious reasons.

However, to your point of how will dCommerce expand beyond Steem community, we will be aligning visibility campaigns across multiple social media channels, Advertisements, proportions, affiliate programs, etc. The www.dcommerce.live site will also readily accept Visa and PayPal so as to attract non-Steemians participation. In order for them to spend DCC tokens for upvotes, these buyers/sellers will have to setup either or both Steem and WLS accounts.

  • Finalizing market strategy - Looking forward to seeing that strategy
  • Not opening books - No need to see those details. Didn't ask for them.
  • Marketing - that is promising but ambiguous (marketing for @dcommerce or STEEM?)
  • Use of a token that is traded for upvotes in STEEM system - Not too excited about another paid upvote service, although, understandable strategy given the STEEM system as it exists today. Seems like that would bring value to the individual user of your token while reducing value of the STEEM network.
  • Use of Visa & PayPal - Great, but is that something different than @dstors

What I was fishing for was what makes @dcommerce valuable to STEEM that sets @dcommerce apart from @dstors to create a user base of new Steemians that doesn't already exist on STEEM.

This may be a tough to answer. I understand. Maybe you need some time to ponder the concept as you have already stated that you are still finalizing your market strategy.

I feel like since dcommerce is a cookie cutter version of dstors, only with some subtle-yet-totally-meaningful changes under the hood, maybe someone at dcommerce can be more responsive than dstors was to the points I made in my post.

Think of it as your chance to differentiate yourself in the marketplace: https://steemit.com/dstors/@inertia/dstors

It’s actually not a cookie cutter version. The divorce had it so that dCommerce team left with what was theirs.

The White Paper, Business Model and the Token reward model and “Monetize Your Shopping” motto.

dStors has their own and original business plan to which we have no comments as we will never speak for them.

We are not working in any spirit of competition with dStors. We feel the pathway to commercial launch is best managed through laser sharp focus in executing our go to market strategy.

I think people are going to be apprehensive about both dcommerce and dstors until there is further clarification about what led to and/or caused this split.

Now there’s two projects trying to accomplish the same thing, both competing for the same delegations?

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We have already put behind us the events and reasons for separation. If you are looking for exact details, they will only become fodder for more drama.

We are excited to move forward and contribute to the Steem community.

Best wishes to @dcommerce. I've taken back my delegation to @dstors and will delegate to @dcommerce once a week is up. I appreciate the increase in DCC tokens as well for round A delegators. This is a really nice plus for having to transfer our delegations. It's great that you'll be keeping our original delegations dates to @dstors as well. This all shows me that you're aware of the effective changes on us, the investors. You're also compensating for these changes by increases our rewards. Thank you!

Happy Holidays! :)

Could you please tell me how I take back my delegation.

Simply repeat the delegation but enter zero SP for delegation amount. Five days later, theSP will become available again to delegate.

is min SP delegation to upvoted 500SP ?
and where could i sign in to ?
homepage or etc
to receive DCC in further progress

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Min SP delegation to receive tokens is 500, and delegation must be for 6 months. Tokens will be distributed beginning on month 4 of delegation.

Ok !
thanks for Quick feedback ! ♥ ♩♬

started for delegation just a little SP
increase day by day ! :)
to reach 500SP

is it possible to receive DCC tokens in 6 months ?

i.e for simulation
6*30 = 180
180 * 3 = 540
daily min up to 3SP delegation

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Is @dstors aware and will they be notifying people to remove their delegations?

Hello @whatsup, yes, Kali will be posting a notice in confirmation.


guess who this is...
its Craig Ellis and Erin Deering, Ranchorelaxo and his wife
owners of https://triangl.com/

If that is true, what's your point? That's he's rich and successful, and could surely doxx you anytime he wanted? Who does this kind of post? Nothing to lose I guess. Praying for some big money attention? Instead, maybe backing something he is backing would keep you from having to post stupid shit like this....you know, help you feel better about your life choices and shit like that. Merry Christmas! Don't spend it all searching out millionaires to act snarky about online...sure fire way to hate everything.

His point couldn't be that this person very much abused his stake voting formulaic spam to the top and sustained it for over a year and that despite the numerous attempts from the community to curb this despicable behavior he continued unfazed and such a slimy, antisocial and utterly despicable behavior should always be considered especially when that person is championing what amounts to another for profit scheme, which I don't know how whaleshares will receive this considering that they shut down any token markets that allow people to buy votes.

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"if that is true.....", yes its true, ask around if you have any doubt.
"and could surely doxx you anytime he wanted" dont make me laugh, I dont even know who I am, much less anybody else. BTW I notice ranchorelaxo votes for your posts....

I seriously doubt that the guy who acts like Haejin does owns a successful company anywhere.

Oh no, Ranchorelaxo is not the same person as Haejin, Haejin's name is David Burke.

You are a fucking beast of tracking man! @walden.

And what is your point? That he's doxing? That he could easily get doxed? That he's praying for big money attention? Or that what he did was somehow a mistake which he will come short of somehow? Who the fuck even considers this fucking nonsense you find intriguing or mildly valid, o yeah, the douchebag that you are praying to get their attention by your "protection", who else do you expect to considered the guberygoob of a triggered idiot who throws insults and closes with an insinuating nonsense ridiculing someone for how they spend their Christmas and in between that have the gall to say Merry Christmas, but don't work up your two braincells trying to make sense of what I said, I wouldn't want your loving kindness to manifest in any other way.

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dStors didn't re-brand or anything. Just the person who was posting with the dStors account recently left the project and started this, FYI all. Best of luck to dCommerce in their future endeavors

Does this post mean you can't create your own idea of dstors?

SMH. Aren't y'all just pretty?

Can you please clarify on which team @haejin is? Will help us decide.

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All the best..,..hope to get some good vibes here....@dcommerce

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Naughty naughty !

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"with priority given to anyone who post positively about @dCommerce"

So propaganda is rewarded?

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