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Today, on the trending page, @dcommerce has officially announced the completion of the Round A delegation program which means they already have acquired a minimum amount of 1M SP.


It's an exciting time for Dcommerce team and also for Steemians since this event would only mean that the team has gained more motiviation to execute the "e-commerce platform" on top of Steem.


The aim of Dcommerce is to incentivize (tokenize) the transaction or activity of the buyer and seller within the Dcommerce platform.

In my opinion, it will be a game changer for Steem for a number of reasons:

  • It will showcase the true potential of Steem when it comes to transaction capacity and speed

  • It will also boost the economic flow of Steem/SBD since it will be used as the mode of payment for the transcations

  • It will bring crypto (steem) into a much broader use case (online shopping)

  • It will also motivate the entreprenurial minds of the Steemians

It is a common fact that Dapps has uplifted Steem and made it more competitive among the many altcoins or even Bitcoin and it's apparent on the ranking of steem-based dApps in the State of the Dapps website.


But if there is truly one thing that will truly revolutionzed the space of crypto it has to be the one that can literally bring it to mass adoption - I'm betting that @dcommerce could potentially rule over the e-commerce space in the world of crypto!



I really look forward to seeing more of this!

Thanks a lot for your support to my post, it's motivating. I enjoy being here so, gladly put up contents that I think is valuable. Cheers!

The project looks and sounds amazing, this is what is going to drive demand for the price, demand for STEEM! As long as it's not another dlive...

It's less likely since they have a commitment to the delegators who are well vested in Steem. And if I'm Dcommerce, knowing how strong the steem community is, I wouldn't screw up this opportunity.

I just learned that they might have a direct competitor, Open Bazaar, I resteemed's post about it, you may find it at the top of my feed, if Open bazaar's integration to Steem is successful, Dcommerce should step up quickly and offer a much more competitive scheme to gain more attention from the steem community.

This is the post link for easy access. I recommend for you to check it out as well.

It was on my to read list, still haven't had time but I'll for sure read it, these are the types of dapps and businesses that will improve STEEM mass adoption and increase the demand.


Thank you.
I regret I didn't delegate more. Hahaha.
Have a nice day.

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