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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation !

I challeged myself almost two years ago to create an account and power up all the earning to support steemians and I'm still doing so.

Some people don't believe that I will never power down, but they will never see the day when @dcooperation will power down. :p

I'm glad to prove my words !

So, this my continious Steem Power Up Day !

I stoped to power up 3 days ago to gather what I can to power up ! And I will power up those 29 steem and keep powering us this accout forever !

This is the real power ! When you create an account and dedicate it to the community and support steemians without asking them to do something for you !

I'm proud of myself, of @dcooperation , of our delegators, creators who send us content and great steemians who are supporting this !

Thanks for every single steemian.

Thanks to @streetstyle for this initiative. :)

Thanks as well for powerful steemians like @xpilar and @ripperone and others who are supporting all who are powering up this day !

SPUD already started in Russia and it's 4 am 2.01.2020 !

Let's power up in more countries. :)


Join our community here : https://discord.gg/DG9q8C6

Feel free to follow our curation trail and to delegate to us some power to support. You can also donate any amount of steem, we will use it to power up the account.

Please subscribe on our community here and get an autoupvote : https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-177976

For more details about how our community will work : check this post

Promore your content to over 16,000 members in our facebook group !

We are in touch with @helpie and you may get support from them as well. In case your post is related somehow with promoting steem, we ask to use #promo-steem tag and you may get un upvote from @theycallmedan or @oracle-d.

All the earning of this post will go to power up our account ! We will never power down !


Thanks @clixmoney and @dcooperation for supporting #spud and doing your part for #spudx Truly appreciate it.

Hi @dcooperation. It's not 2/1 yet for me. Got 3 more hours to go. You are committed to helping others, and that is a great initiative. Good luck with your power up. Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome.

This is nice of you
Thumbs up

Done spudx. Resteemed this encouragement post.

Thanks for the resteem !

Got my comments and posts already set at 100%power up!!!

Stack that crypto!!

You gave me a good idea. I always forget to choose that in posts. I set it the same now in @dcooperation ! I hope now I will always power up everything ! ☺

That's really great!

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