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My Actifit Report Card: March 5 2020


At the end of winter, the message of summer arrives. The environment is a bit warmer ...


Hardware Techno Jam: “Analogue Storm” by Greencross


The problem with partying is the day after. That's when it is more difficult. 😂😂 ...


Divine Shield of Divine Sorceress...


Eden Alene - Feker Libi (Israel Eurovision 2020) REACTION


WE ARE D.TUBE FORUM | Moin & hi APPICS community. We are the Forum and we ...

Bru (@bruluccas)


We are a long way from victory.


Unknown Flowers || Friday Photography


More microblogging


There is nothing you can do except value the time


Play games pubg battling


We have a plate with some vegetarian snacks and another one with Vegan ones! Gotta ...


The @steemit drama keeps going


Behind the Reason || Random Vlog


There's a journey with never ending possibilities ahead of us. The feeling of being free ...


The path to Be Thyself || Life Talk




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