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The greatest commodity you can ever give to a man (after the package of salvation through Jesus Christ, sandwiched with the embodiment of the Holy Spirit) isn't fish; it's not even the knowledge of how to fish... It's the desire to get the fish by himself.

Desire is the key ingredient that drives a man from his comfort zone to the sea of life where he could possibly get a net full of fishes to satisfy his ever increasing needs.

The desire to succeed and excel above all else is the greatest legacy parents can pass on to their children. It's the most potent lesson a mentor will hand down to his protégé. It's the most rewarding wage a master will give to his servant.

A quick lesson I must add here is this...whenever you have the opportunity of meeting with great men, seek out the very thing(s) that triggers their so doing, you would have taken at least a sip of it.

The most unnoticed element (by common men) of wealth transfer from one generation to another (especially in families known to have generational wealth) is the legacy of desire...the desire to add value in exchange for wealth.

Desire is the intangible driver in the soul of the man who bears precious seeds and is aware of what he has. Desire is that inexplicable thing that makes him endure the weeping for the night, bearing his precious seeds till he returns in the morning with a harvest.

Desire with power or (ability) is the seed God deposits in man to carry out His divine plans and purposes.

"For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him." Philippians 2:13 (NLT)

As nobody knows what kind of seed a patch of the ground he walks upon carries till it emerges as a plant and eventually bears fruits, so nobody knows the desire embedded in your soul till your results appear for the whole world to see. Your results are the only proof of your desires (not necessarily your intentions, no matter how good they may be).

Nobody knew what desires lurked in the heart of Adolf Hitler until he seized the reins of power and championed his cause to conquer the entire human race. Nobody knew the desire buried in the depths of Nelson Mandela and the length he was willing to go until he got hold of the freedom of his people. Nobody knew what Malala Yousafzai had in her soul as an unquenchable desire until she pursued the rights for female education with a selfless ambition. And guess what....
.... Nobody knows what desire(s) you have for good of humanity until you express it through your results.

Desire-fanned into flames of action-is what separates a wishful dreamer from the one with at least a tangible success.

A desire, locked up inside you without being given a proper expression could be fatal. The desire for freedom of prison inmates (not properly expressed) has been found to be responsible for their criminal, murderous and even suicidal tendencies.

Free your desires... Let them out like a bird from a cage!

Stop living below your potential!
Go start something matter how small the steps you're willing to take... Go do something beyond you!

Tope Jay WALTS


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