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I've come up with most of these numbers by dividing the deaths in 2017 by 4 to estimate the number of deaths in each category so far this year. Everyone dies. You're more likely to die young if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. The best things you can do for yourself are to avoid cigarettes and unhealthy work environments. ALL of the numbers listed are "this year so far" and represent the entire globe.

Heart disease deaths this year - 4,250,000 (smoking)

Lung disease deaths this year - 700,000 (smoking)(65,000,000 suffer with COPD)
Lung infection deaths this year - 625,000 (smoking)
Deaths caused by dementia this year - 625,000 (old age)
Deaths during childbirth this year - 450,000
Deaths from digestive tract infection/diarrhea this year - 400,000
Deaths related to diabetes this year - 340,000
Deaths related to kidney and liver disease this year - 630,000 (drinking alcohol)
Deaths by suicide this year - 200,000
Cancer deaths this year- 2,000,000 (smoking)
Car accident deaths this year - 300,000 (1-5,000,000 injuries)
Deaths from the Flu this year - 160,000
Deaths from HIV/AIDS this year - 250,000
Deaths from malaria this year - 150,000
Deaths by drowning this year - 75,000
Deaths by starvation this year - 125,000
Deaths by drug or alcohol overdose this year - 85,000
Deaths by fire this year - 35,000
Deaths by homicide this year / murders - 100,000

Deaths caused by coronavirus in 2019 and 2020 - 24,089

Deaths from accidental poisonings this year - 18,000
Deaths from terrorism this year- 6,500
Deaths from natural disasters this year - 2,500

Smoking is the number one cause of the three top causes of death. I imagine it contributes to the respiratory problems caused by coronavirus as well. The number of deaths caused by cigarettes is many factors larger than the number killed by coronavirus. Coronavirus will go away. Cigarettes probably won't. The propagandists are completely in bed with the tobacco industry. If we can force all people to stay at home, we could easily ban the sale of cigarettes except at dispensaries.

It's four times more likely that you'll be murdered and 12 times more likely you'll die in a car crash than die of coronavirus, but you're still most likely to die of heart failure. Cigarette second hand smoke contributes greatly to your risk even if you are a non-smoker.

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