Death Arena - Become your inner demon! [Announcement & Pre-Sale]

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Dark times are coming! A lot of hard work is still ahead of us, but the time has come to announce the new exclusive game based on the Steem blockchain - Death Arena!

"Many years ago, the tyrant of the Holy Kingdom of Navia, Veles III the Great, thanks to the Divine Powers ended the last war, and his reign enslaved the whole known world."

About Death Arena

Death Arena is a Steem exclusive dark fantasy tactical RPG game with tradable collectibles and, of course, rewards. The main pillar of the game is fighting in the arenas - against other players as well as against various strange creatures.

However, it will be difficult to get anything valuable without proper management of the character's attributes, equipment, spells and skills. And the rewards can be really big. Especially during tournaments that will take place from time to time.

There will also be something for people with a flair for trade - after all, it's hard to become a hero of the arena without a fitting sword, bow or magic staff.

"The tyrant brought all wealth to the royal treasury in his fortress, then he ordered to build a huge city around it for the elite of all captured lands.

The rest of the lands, where weaker, simpler and, above all, less fortunate units remained, were divided into regions and for each of them the tyrant assigned a minor, extremely fanatical and devoted ruler."

A bit about gameplay...

In Death Arena you'll be able to have up to 3 different characters, but still - during one fight you'll be able to play with only one character.

Each character has its own energy, which is consumed during fights (depending on your actions, more or less energy points may be used).

By gaining experience in fights, the character can gain new levels, which means the opportunity to develop its various attributes (such as strength, endurance, dexterity, intelligence, perception and few more) and statistics.

Before fight, you should always think about your equipment, which is not only weapons and armor, but also a book of spells (yes, the game will have an extensive magic mechanics!), potions (up to 2 per fight) and other items that can help in fight.

Oh, I almost forgot - weapons and armor can be upgraded with special treasures! Do you want a flaming sword? Or would you prefer an arrow bending space-time and attracting opponents to the specific place? There are many possibilities!

More details about the gameplay mechanisms will be in the next game-related posts.

"Since most of the produced goods were transported to the Central City, a cruel poverty reached common people." modes...

You'll be able to play in three different modes:

Quick Arena: The fight in this mode is simulated, and you almost immediately get its result. Perfect mode for people who don't have too much time. The only type of fight available in this mode is duel (1vs1).

Classic Arena: In this mode, you have a full control over your character on the battlefield (2D Heroes-like hex-based arenas of various sizes). You decide where you'll move, what skill you'll use, who you'll trust and how you'll use your hand-held equipment. Fights here can last from several to over a dozen minutes. Everything takes place in a turn-based system (with two actions per player each turn). In this mode, four types of fight are available - duel (1vs1), deathmatch (up to 8 players), team deathmatch (up to 4vs4), capture the flag (up to 4vs4). The type of fight is random and may depend on the number of people in the queue to play.

Tournament: This is a seasonal mode, available only for a limited time. This is a mode combining Quick Arena and Classic Arena mechanics - but depending on the tournament, there may be different rules. The entire tournament can be based on ranking, team ranking or tournament bracket. You'll learn about the details and rules of a specified tournament the week before it starts.

"After some time, brutal animal instincts came out. Hunger, boredom, rage and a desire for a better life caused ubiquitous violence, as well as a huge increase in all kinds of crimes."

...and character classes

There will be 5 character classes available on the release day:

Tainted with blood, the former Holy Knight of the tyrant's army.

A large human-like creature with an equally large loss of intelligence.

Bounty hunter
A mercenary and dreamer looking for opportunities to earn money.

A monk-assassin belonging to the declining Order of Truth.

An old and almost forgotten preacher of love for nature.

More details about the specific character classes will be in the next game-related posts.

"After many fierce discussions, the rulers came to an agreement on how to solve the problem.

In each region, people from one large city were to be displaced, and the city itself was to be transformed into an opportunity for willing people. Opportunity, whose task was to build false hope and give the audience joy."

Rewards distribution and market

There are two separate rankings in the game - one for Quick Arena and one for Classic Arena. Both give 5.5% of STEEMs from the main rewards pool of the game.

However, winning rewards will require at least some dedication and good character management, because only the first 30 players from the ranking receive rewards.

But don't worry. STEEMs are distributed once a week, and after distribution the rankings are reset. So everyone has a chance to win!

Total (main rewards pool)
Per one player
1.000%1.000%1st place
0.750%0.750%2nd place
0.500%0.500%3rd place
1.750%0.250%Rest of top 10
1.500%0.075%Places 11-30

In addition, after each fight you'll receive the game's internal currency, experience and a 25% chance to get a free item or a chest. Of course, the Quick Arena mode gives smaller rewards as it doesn't require much attention from the player.

The biggest rewards can be won during tournaments. Each tournament has its own rewards pool and distribution system. You'll learn about the rewards pool and distribution system of a specified tournament the week before it starts.

There will also be a market in Death Arena where you'll be able to sell (via offer or auction) your items and chests to other players - for internal currency and STEEMs. The expected fee is 5% of the item's value.

It's worth mentioning that there will be a lot of items - different types of weapons, outfits/armor, potions, ingredients, treasures and more! Everything with different levels of quality and statistics - designed for different classes and game strategies!

"As soon as the tyrant agreed to the plan - everything started."


The Pre-Sale phase aims to build an initial rewards pool (at least 30% of STEEMs) and pay for the game development costs (server, database, graphics, domain, a lot of time spent on creating and future development of the game etc.).

During the Pre-Sale phase, you can purchase starter packs (at least the cheapest starter pack is required to play) and chests (the price is 25% lower during the first month of the Pre-Sale phase).

Pre-Sale is available at

Starter packs


Players who own Fast Market will get access to the market a month before the game's release. Players with Beta Access will get access to the game two weeks before the release (testing phase).



Chests cannot be opened before the game's release (however, players with Fast Market will be able to open their chests earlier). Each chest contains up to 3 random items (with random statistics and special skills) and the game's internal currency.

The Pre-Sale phase has a referral system (the user's referral link is available on the Pre-Sale site) - for every purchase made by a person who has entered the Pre-Sale site from your referral link, you'll receive a bonus - the game's internal currency. The amount of bonus coins depends on the purchase value. Players who will have the biggest bonus at the end of the Pre-Sale phase will receive a special rewards.

"The displaced cities were filled with smaller shops, artisans of various talents and, most importantly, arenas. Arenas that allow the audience to have fun, and also make money for anyone who comes out victorious from the fight... or who successfully puts some of his modest assets in betting.

However, ordinary people had no chance with other, rather peculiar units, which were slowly heading to the arenas from every corner of the known world..."

~ Elric the Witness, "De Regno Veles"


Pre-Sale is available at

Expected game's release date - January/February 2020

If you have any questions, join the Death Arena Discord community ( or ask the question in the comments section.

And if you want to support us more - resteem the post. Thanks!

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Lead Developer, @scriptioner
Graphic Designer, @glass.wolf


Looks promising :)


Who are you?

How do you intend to release a game in 2 months when starting to raise funds now?

Pretty much this just screams scam.

Asking for money without even the slightest proof of concept is shady as fuck.

I understand your suspicion. Steem has its own past, there were quite a lot of exit scams. :/

I'm @scriptioner, Lead Developer. Some users may know me from the SpyColony project (the tool for the NextColony game). I mainly participate in the Polish part of the Steem community, so I'm not very well known outside of it. If you want to meet me personally, I invite you to Bytom in Poland (it's near Katowice and Krakow, where SteemFest 3 was).

About funds: Pre-Sale is not intended to provide money for the creation of the game, but to cover future costs and reimbursement of what I've already spent on this game. And of course to create the initial reward pool. At the moment I pay for everything out of my own pocket.

All graphics in this post and on the Pre-Sale site are original graphics created for Death Arena game. You can use the image search engine or view the image stocks if you want. In the next game-related posts, details about game mechanics and character classes will appear - along with new graphics. We still have to create a lot of graphics, so I have no way to show specific screenshots of the game. If the situation requires it, I will change the game development plan to show you the screenshots as soon as possible.

Best regards!
Unknown scammer Lead Developer

I will definitely play that game!

@deatharena, I've just bought a Bronze Pack team just want to know when it will reflect under the Active Starter on

Waiting for your response team. Thank you.

We had a temporary maintenance break. The server is already catching all the missing blocks, so don't worry!

And thank you for your support! <3

EDIT: Okay, your account has already been caught! As an apology for waiting, I sent you one free Common Chest.

Best regards!

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind and appreciable gesture. Stay blessed.

When is the last day of the 25% presale offer?

According to the original plan - December 12 is the last day. But it's possible that when users' support in the near future will be lesser than we expected, we'll slightly postpone the release of the game (after all, we have to eat sometimes and pay our bills regularly - and too little support means less time for the project, more time for a work) and at the same time we'll extend the period of 25% discount.

This is game where you need to buy starter pack to start play?

Yes. This is to reduce the number of bots, multi-accounts and to create an initial reward pool.

There will probably be a free game mode, but it won't be included in the rankings, and therefore it won't give any rewards. Just a "training" mode to test different character classes and the game itself.

“Training”. Silly multi-lingual human.

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Hopefully I can waste my time playing RPG as if working a real job. I prefer playing RPG if it pays until I can quit my day job ahahahahahaha

If you'll play well and do well in the game market - who knows how much you will earn. ;)

Where is the reward pool coming from?

Good question!

The Pre-Sale phase aims to build the initial reward pool. But what will happen after the Pre-Sale? The stable reward pool will be largely ensured by the market (5% fee will go entirely to the pool), game store (60% of the item's value will go to the reward pool and 40% will be spent on developing the game) and potential investors.

Probably after the release there will be an option to delegate SP to the game account, so it will provide small but steady earnings - both for the player and the game reward pool. However, the option of delegation is not yet certain - it all depends on whether we find a way not to abuse power and at the same time make the whole thing profitable.

Looks interesting, humans. And excellent that this is built on Steem.

Tub Cat will consider purchasing a pack or two soon.

Enjoy your bath time.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you, Tub Cat!

I hope your fur will always be soft and clean! ;)

Some pics to see how game look like? Thank you :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Unfortunately, the graphics are not yet prepared - mainly for this reason, the release date is set for January/February. We want everything to be made in the highest quality possible. But don't worry - as soon as there is something to show, we will definitely publish a post about it!

For now, we will show specific character classes (in the next game-related posts), perhaps even with some ready-made animations. So be ready!

@deatharena, Great to know about this game. Hope that this game will attain success once released. Good wishes from my side team and stay blessed.

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Thank you! <3

Welcome. 🙂

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