Freedom and Security On The Internet: Only On Decenternet and Osiris Web Browser

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One of the greatest challenges of the traditional internet system is the centralized nature that has invariably ensured that power and wealth is left with a few individuals and mega corporations. And not just that there is no circulation of wealth, the worst of it all is that these few powerful and wealthy corporations are constantly enriched and empowered from the data, time and information of the masses accessing the internet on a daily basis.
Internet users are oftentimes given the false impression that their digital footprints are being hidden but events time and again has proven that notion to be false as it has become common practice to trace individuals using their digital footprints. This proves that there is actually no privacy for traditional internet users.
Another big issue is the privacy or lack thereof, of user data and information. Almost all internet users have their private data on the internet and having been lulled by the false sense of security touted by these big corporations and their data privacy policies, we often think that we have secured our private data from prying eyes. Unfortunately, these data and information are being mined and harvested indiscriminately for profit of the big corporations with absolutely no compensation whatsoever to the owners of the data. What this means in essence is that technically, there is no data security online and the traditional internet system offers no protection to users and their information because there is no complete privacy browser available.
The blockchain technology has come to change the internet landscape. Through it's decentralized access, it has provided an alternative to how people and businesses interact by offering a trustless, transparent system with no middleman.
This is the technology behind the revolutionary Decenternet Project.

What is Decenternet?
As the name implies, Decenternet simply means the decentralization of the internet.
In a nutshell, this will solve the problem of privacy of users and their data and information on the internet. And once these issues are resolved, there will be a circulation of wealth and power among the people where it rightly belongs, and not just within a select few.

The Decenternet Solution
Decenternet solution is centered on the activities of its core assets which are Osiris, Metatron OS, Titan, Liberty SE, Liberty Ads Network the SpyceDex Crypto Exchange. All these assets make up the Decenternet ecosystem and makes for a completely Decentralized system powered by the blockchain technology.
These assets are dWapps (Decentralized Web Applications) built on the Decenternet's dAppStore browser and are all designed to give back data ownership and power to the people.
Let us now take a close look at the Osiris Web Browser from Decenternet.

The Decenternet Osiris Web 3.0 is the first global net-neutral browser designed to bring back privacy, security and stability to the people on the internet. Also, it is at the heart of the Decenternet's vision of mainstream adoption of the Spyce token. The dApp built-in Osiris browser is completely Decentralized and has so many advantages like being 3 to 5 times faster than the traditional browser, saving users money and data charges by cutting off unsolicited ad, eliminates centralized revenue stream that adds no value to user, creates unhindered access to valuable information and prevents unauthorized extraction of user's data.


Other dWApps found on the Decenternet's dAppStore like Hermes Messenger,
Mercury Wallet, Liberty Search Engine, Decenternet Apps, dWebsites, and others are all part of the Decenternet's unique UBI (Universal Basic Income) architecture. This UBI architecture ensures a self-sustained, perfectly balanced, prosperous and stable ecosystem such that the more people use the Decenternet, the more empowered everyone becomes and the money power and wealth is circulated within all.

The Spyce Token Economy
The Decenternet Ecosystem is driven by an appreciative cryptocurrency known as Spyce. Spyce is integrated into all the microservices and consumer operations ongoing on all of Decenternet's dApps and Envision Osiris web 3.0 services. This way, businesses, consumers and microservices providers nodes in the Decenternet ecosystem can all receive and send Spyce token.
For now, and putting into consideration the fact that scarcity of an item adds more value to it, only 200 million grains of Spyce will be made available. Can you then imagine the value Spyce holders will have, say, in maybe 10 years time from now?


The Decenternet Ecosystem has the vision and mission of creating a paradigm shift of centralized power and wealth to a decentralized model whereby users who are the real owners of data are empowered and rewarded for their data. Instead of the people constantly having their data exploited and used to make huge profits for the big corporations, Decenternet and it's numerous dApps and dWApps will give power, economic freedom and all-round data protection such that a user can choose to share data with whomsoever he wishes to.

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