Decenternet and its Mission to decentralise everything that can be decentralised.

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What a wonderful future world it will be when everything is tokenised, courtesy of this new wave of Libertarian technology. Mining of tokens being done domestically, such a world where People earn from their creativeness with privacy and security on individuals data that is not exposed to the 3rd parties unless at the owner’s permission.

Decenternet has two great technical components that summarise its essence. That is “Dece” which in its full meaningful terms is Decentralisation and “nternet” Which is Internet. This is therefore a combination of 2 great economic and technical terms that are headed to a total dissolution of the various central systems of the world in a very harmonious manner through simply implementing and furthering the great giant termed “Blockchain technology”.

Decenternet is a new blockchain project that has an official global agenda of decentralising everything that can be decentralised on this planet

Once Decenternet is set in action it cannot be stopped by any one because of its steady and well established Anuvys operating system that operates on open software.

This sounds incredible as this agenda contains todays current trending economic terms “blockchain technology” and “decentralisation.” Blockchain technology involves the arrangement of information in form of blocks through cryptography. If you are a crypto enthusiast then this must already be in your diet. Cryptocurrency has thrived over the years with the perfect example of Bitcoin and this success is attributed to blockchain technology. Satoshi Nakamoto founded this amazing Bitcoin network in 2008 and implemented the project in 2009. What a mile stone looking at how the price of Bitcoin raise from peanuts of cents back then to a huge amount of over $6000 despite of the fluctuations.

The component of Decentralisation on the other hand is the distribution of wealth and power from one central place to various units in a systems network.

Decenternet targets at creating a decentralised internet to dissolve the current unfair centralised monopolistic internet infrastructure that is greatly believed to be the hindering factor to the complete success of the various vital decentralised crypto projects that can be of great value to communities.

The Decenternet rhymes well with Satoshi Nakamoto’s ideology of Duality and excerpt as it is also centered around money which is a very a famous and commonly hunted resource by every human being on this earth. I will delve more into this in my next post.
Sean kinn is the brains behind this new era of technology that has a great lot of amazing plans for a great revolution in the various systems of the world being with the internet structure.

The Anuvys Operating System that is powered by Decenternet
This is simply an alternative software that is geered towards availing an alternative software solution to the current monopolistic internet Infrastructure that is corrupt and manipulative. This will ensure that change is enacted without the use of oppression and politics.

This innovation is a disruptive one to the current centralised internet and its immediate beneficiaries that run it. However these will have nothing to do being that there will be no need to pick up guns and other killer weapons to fight any one for this kind of technology.

There is saying that goes like

If you don’t want change then change will change you.


Decenternet has a great backing/support of ARPANET(Advanced Research Project Net work) which is well known for having founded the TCP/IP that is the internet protocol suite which is the pillar of today’s internet that we are utilising. When the internet was founded in 1980s by the US military defence, its original design was to be a decentralised internet structure. Unfortunately, it was corrupted along the way because of some greedy individuals spear heading companies like google together with other various internet service providers mixed with the government interferences that are dictatorial and political.

For instance in 2017, history and statistics has it that the current centralised internet model runners managed to amass 3 trillion USDs that is through the content you and I create over the internet. What an unfair system it is! Its high time each one of us to join hands and advocate for this new kind of initiative that is bringing about a great transformation that is going to enhance prosperity for every individual on this planet in a fair and transparent way.

The net neutrality is therefore in a dire state as per now as we see quite a number of websites, data files, platforms being censored by the various internet service providers manipulations. Where some websites and files first need to be paid for to access them. However the solution to this is already at hand and that is through Anuvys Operating system.

The emergency of a new crypto economy
Money is an important resource that is so commonly needed and used by every individual on this planet.

Decenternet has also its cryptocurrencies:

Coineru which is branded as the cryptocurrency of life. This is a cryptocurrency for decenternet that works like cash and operates on the POS and ATM infrastructure.

Spyce which is also branded as the cryptocurrency of liberty. The decenternet white paper has it clearly underlined that all economic activities on decenternet will be run on this kind of currency where miners will be doing the mining domestically. It also has it stated that it’s easy to mine as it takes the regular cheap and simple computers for mining the token by the miners hence this being an advantage and a proof that the innovation is a fair one through its catering for the low income people.

The cryptocurrency of liberty shall be directly exchangeable into the current major cryptos suchas Bitcoin, Etherium, and EOS insinuating that it’s away from competition and ready to co-operate with other various crypto projects in harmony to achieve a desired goal ensuring prosperity and stability on the earth.

The new crypto economy is going to ensure that wealth is evenly distributed amongst every individual on this planet despite of their economic status and this will be through engagement in domestic mining of the valuable tokens.

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Well hope for the best i think its a good thinking for the world to decentralise.

Yes..Decentralisation is the way out of the very many centralisation challenges that the human race has faced and endured for long time.

Its high time for the world to join hands and advocate for this solution.

I am looking forward to this liberty.

I am learning new staff and desiring to know more about decenternet.

That's great..go ahead and do some research The first step is to get equipped with knowledge.

Very true, knowledge is key.

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