Update on State of the Dapps website pertaining to Steem blockchain

DAPP means Decentralized Applications

Did you know SteemMonsters and Steemit are the sixth and seventh largest DAPPS in all of Cryptocurrency?

Did you know that 12 of the Top 100 Dapps in Cryptocurrency are on the Steem blockchain?

Update on State of the Dapps website pertaining to SteemBlockchain


State of the Dapps an unaffiliated website which catalogues all the decentralized applications on any blockchain, Ethereum is a major player. But Steem has two of the top ten Dapps in all of crypto! Steem-Monsters is the sixth largest Dapp and Steemit is the seventh largest Dapp in all of Crypto! Steem Monsters is number six and has moved ahead of Steemit in the top ten!


If you look at the top twenty Dapps in all of Crypto Four of them are on the Steem blockchain with Next Colony and Partiko being number 16 and number 20 in the top 100. APPICS and Sportstalk are number 22 and 24 respectively.


Busy is #27, eSteem is #32, Actifit is #33, Steemhunt is #47, D-Like is #52, SteemPeak is #66, one of the Steem-Engine Sidechain tribes Steemcoinpan is #88 and 3Speak is #91. If you look at the top 30 Dapps in usage we have four here on the Steem Blockchain. If you look at the top 100 Dapps in all of Crypto the Steem blockchain has 12 of the largest Dapps in all of Crypto. Steem has over ten percent of the largest Dapps in all of Crypto. Plus we have one of the Steem-Engine sidechain DApps in the top 100 in Cryptocurrency DteemCoinpan.



I ask you to step back and think about that for a few minutes, but I want you to think about it in this context:the majority of cryptocurrency projects have zero working Dapps! They have promising technology in the works, but no functional products. Which means zero users. Steem has 12 of the largest Dapps in all of Crypto. We probably have one of the largest collections of working Dapps on any blockchain other then Ethereum.


Now, I want you to take a deep breath and look at Steem-Engine, a blockchain sidechain with over 40 tokens on it. Steemcoinpan is one of them and it is number 88 of the largest DAPPS in all of Cryptocurrency!

This blockchain side is another cutting edge development, which is on the wish list of hundreds of other coin projects out there in the crypto universe, but it is a reality here on the Steemblockchain. Remember Ethereum and it’s ERC Tokens and the tremendous utility with all the ICO’s run on that blockchain? Now reflect on the fact that the Steem blockchain has a functional sidechain and is created with technology capable of carrying all the transactions on Ethereum without the lags and delays experienced there.


New technology companies common go through periods when they are struggling to survive with insufficient user base, negative cash flow and poor valuation. They have to survive the phase of introducing and debugging their cutting edge technologies or ideas. Then grow their cash flow and user base. Steem is a cutting edge blockchain with new technology struggling to live up to its potential. But Steem has hundreds of functional applications, thousands of actual users and 18 of the busiest Dapps in all of Crypto. Steem has already achieved things that the majority of cryptocurrency projects can only dream of right now. Steem is much more the just virtual potential, Steem is virtual reality.

When people ask me if I have faith in the future of Steem to be a great blockchain. I say Steem is a great blockchain. It is an undiscovered treasure, we are lucky enough to be here in the beginning years, we can hold and accumulate Stake here and be part of something historic.

✍🏼✍🏼 by Shortsegments.



I Agree and I am GRATEFUL to Be on STEEMIT and Playing Steemmonsters Already............Great Post with very VALID Points made @shortsegments

At one point steemit was no.1 on that list!

Yes. I felt a twinge of sadness when I saw we lost that position. But the movement of the other applications like SteemMonsters may signal a transition to a different type of utility for the blockchain.