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Deepcloud AI an ambitious project!

DeepCloudAI is building a decentralized cloud computing platform based on AI for decentralized processes.

With the new technologies related to the internet, the demand for storage space is increasing every day, and today billions of pieces of information are stored on data centers all over the world.

These data centers are huge and need to be air conditioned otherwise the excessive heat would burn the servers.
At a time of global warming we can not say that this solution is acceptable.
Deepcloud offers an interesting alternative via a decentralized cloud system. So how does it work?

Deepcloud uses AI to create an easy-to-use matchmaker between resource providers and developers.

See the diagram below

Thus resources (P2P) are distributed among smaller entities and are closer to the end user. The energy gain and speed of transactions is greatly improved and benefits all players. (users, suppliers and ecology). The world of tomorrow must be cleaner and more just.

Other blockchain projects have emerged and focus on decentralization, I own tokens of 2 of these projects (Sonm & IExec). Sharing resources is empowering small contributors and undermining the current system that benefits only the giants of the sector.

The cloud market is in full development it has also been brought to light with the development of the blockchain.
You'll understand Deepcloud AI is a double-sided market, on the one hand the network providers and on the other, the users and application developers.

A network contributor can share storage, specific computing power depending on the node.
Developers or clients use on-demand services to run their distributed applications in the distributed network.
The goal of DeepCloud is to create a decentralized cloud for the decentralized Internet of Things (IoT).

However, this sector will explode in the future, we already see today many objects are connected (weather stations, watches, refrigerators ....) The applications are endless.
Deepcloud works with an ERC-20 token called DEEP.
The question everyone is asking about blockchain projects but is this token really useful?
Well yes, resource providers and application market providers earn DEEP tokens for the resources they provide

On the DeepCloud AI platform, Block Miners generate new DEEP tokens based on the validation tasks they have received.
Developers use DEEP tokens to use the resources needed to run their applications on DeepCloud AI.

The more the network grows, the more the DEEP tokens will be worth.
Deep's total supply is 200,000,000.
40% is for the main sale.
It is important to note that unsold chips if there are any will be burned!
You see below the distribution of the DEEP tokens:

Below you find the details of the use of funds

General informations :
Token Sale Information:
• 1 DEEP = $ 0.25
• Soft Cap = $ 8 million
• Hard Cap = $ 15 million

I advise you to read the roadmap and browse the whitepaper to find all the additional information to the projects.

My personal opinion on DepCloud AI:

I think that the cloud sector is interesting and promising, in the coming years the demand will certainly explode much more than one can imagine.
The white paper is well detailed and the team is checked. The rating on the different rating sites is good to see excellent for this project. I think that if the team follows its roadmap, it has a good chance of success.

Thank you for taking note that this is only my personal opinion and not an investment advice.

Website :

Whitepaper :


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