Another war bluff exposed by Wikileaks - 2007

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Here's one more example of Wikileaks' critical role in challenging the official, and often fabricated narratives produced by powerful authorities - in this case the Pentagon.

On April 17 2007 the Pentagon announced the following:

A shipment of Iranian-made weapons bound for the Taliban was recently captured by allied forces in Afghanistan


The shipment involved mortars and plastic explosives and was seized within the past month near the southern Afghan city of Kandahar.

On May 2 2007, some two weeks after announcing the capture of Iranian explosives, US ambassador to Nato, Victoria Nuland, found it necessary to ask fellow ISAF members:

whether ISAF had come across solid evidence of Iranian EFP (Explosively Formed Penetrators) weaponry in Afghanistan.

Answer: No definitive evidence yet or confirmation of use against ISAF

If we trust the earlier announcement, the right answer would have been: "Yes, we got hard evidence. The same evidence you announced two weeks ago."

Thank you Wikileaks, for exposing another lie.


This fake news from 2007 makes even more sense in a historical context, given Pentagon's long history of producing "incriminating facts" against Iran. One of the worst was fabricated in 1988, when US diplomats worldwide were instructed to lie by blaming Iran for gassing Kurdish villages (a war crime they knew was committed by Iraq)

The lie worked so well the UN condemned both Iran and Iraq for the evil chemical attack (see UN res 612).

The US' quest for military confrontation with Iran is decades old, steeped in lies, and ongoing. With Assange jailed for providing us too much truth, the war is a step closer.


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