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Trading has always been an activity cherished by the human race. In ancient times people converge in trading places such as market to exchange commodities for commodities or most times money. Today, technology has evolved. Digitalization has taken over the globe and fiat currencies is becoming obsolete. Blockchain revolution has aided various industries to provide solutions to its problems.

Blockchain innovation has demonstrated to us that its has come to remain. The mechanical progressions of blockchain innovation associates everybody together and making exchanges progressively attainable. This innovation empowers quick exchanges globally. The most widely recognized issue with digital forms of money is the reality dealers they can without much of a stretch vanish. This makes it relatively difficult to follow making it harder to make any sort of report against the dealer or to discover your stolen assets.

What is DEEX?


Deex relies upon bitshares 2.0, such titanic amounts of individuals may ask about why bitshares was picked, in any case the objective of picking bitshares is to help make a decentralized exchange that is all around outfitted with Centralized highlights. So this offers clients of the stage the gathering central purposes of both a unified exchanges, like it's highlights and a decentralized exchange, like structure.

Bitshares 2.0 got all functionalities of decentralized exchanges. DEEX opened it's way to everybody, be you a broker, a financial specialist and even task CEOs. Among every one of the, few of the highlights accessible on DEEX exchange is featured underneath:
Capacity to build up a straightforward, compelling and effective decentralized Blockchain environment.

Capacity to securely direct ICOs deals for tasks with help of the escrow administrations and apparatuses given by
Cutting edge GUI (Graphic User Interface) on the stage to guarantee smooth running of the stage with no help independent whether you are a Professional broker of amateur.

Access to API to ease exchanging on the DEEX account from an outsider environment.
Improvement of a system that licenses advanced resource exchanges with ATM, which is acknowledged by the money related bodies (banks).


• Modern UI that can be utilized in each impelled program.

• Mobile application for iOS and Android and a work an area application for the PC.

• Technical help to clients every snapshot of reliably.

• Referral program, where you can welcome loved ones and procure an additional pocket cash.

• A worked in P2P emissary

• A decentralized, coordinate blockchain reinforce got back to the Deex

• Hardware cryptowallet fortify for cool collecting of cutting edge sorts of money and tokens

• Trading robots for tweaked exchanging

• A platfom where affiliations can securely organize ICOs with the decentralized escrow toolbox from

• Cryptocurrency platinum cards related with clients' wallets on Deex for blend into fiat portals

• An API for the bargain of distant applications and associations inside the Deex orchestrate

• A game plan of crypto ATMs where clients can exchange fiat cash for advanced money when in doubt.


Trading of cryptocurrencies has its own defect due to the fact that major exchanges today are unable to provide users with the solutions they truly need. Deex is developed to provide cryptocurrency traders with the much needed decentralization in trades and also allow them to enjoy the feature of the best exchange platform with unlimited possibilities


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