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First, I came because of the "no fee" policies, which was totally furious with what happened on the ETH network.

EOS is often mocked for its centralization and its initial target being an "Ethereum killer". This didn't work.

However, as Westerners we are sometimes too Western center and forget that EOS actually has a lot of support from Chinese developers and communities.

I first went to DefiBox, a one-stop shop for DeFi on EOS powered by Newdex, an old and trusted company.

The token performed quite poorly, but they continue to outdo the propasals, for example the community is very active in telegram and new features appear weekly.

You can now

Provide Swap Token / Liquidity

Dig USN (fixed money) with your EOS

Deposit your $ BOX to earn dividends (platform fees). This option was recently voted as users / foundation believe that a larger incentive for EOS / BOX LPs will mean a more stable price in the future and therefore more investors.


Here is a (old) video I made about DeFiBOX:

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Soon we should apply lending / borrowing to generate additional income for $ BOX Holders!

I will not go to other DeFi Projects but I am preparing some related videos.

Pizza.finance: Lending / Borrowing Platform developed by the StartEOS team

Efi: full product line with 3 tokens: 1. DMD = YFI style coin; 2nd DOP = Swap Platform token and 3rd HUB = Synthetix enabler local asset

DFS: This project is native to China and I have trouble understanding all the different things they have created but it is definitely the most successful project out there.

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