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hey guys, DeFi is one of the most popular lately. Since the mid-2020 DeFi year, DeFi has begun to enter the crypto world, causing a lot of interest in investors and new projects in developing businesses in the DeFi sector. Until now, DeFi was doing quite well in the crypto world some project owners chose DeFi as the project of the future. I'm also interested in it! Are you also interested? in this article I will review the DeFi that will be a future DAO generation project. It's very interesting we discussed. also this article will be able to help you to get a DeFi project worth investing in.


Poolz is a decentralized 3-layer exchange protocol, based on DeFi infrastructure. The Poolz protocol can also be a bridge between project owners and investors, which provides options for liquidity directly to projects offered to exclusive swap pool investors. Poolz makes decentralized fundraising to become a fellow access opportunity.

With Poolz, we can illustrate the outstanding crypto market, the bidderation of new projects for potential investors, unlimited access to ready and liquid markets, can get projects in the ecosystem. This will reduce the cost of ICO and IEO, as well as with easy-to-follow requirements.

Although some new printis platforms offer liquidity collection, Poolz's idea is the best in making liquidity available as pre-listing of the project, as well as existing assets. It was will reduce the initial problem of helping to market new pioneering projects on the crypto market. this is a great solution to get into a big market.

Poolz for innovators and investors of the DeFi platform at bootstrap's early stage liquidity are:

  • Cross-Chain Swaps
  • Burning Mechanism
  • Governance & Staking
  • Poolz Bridge

Full Review of Poolz Ecosystem

Poolz is also the DAO protocol in ethereum. The community can decide how to governance and future development. So, Poolz's team just set out an initial operation plan, the community will be given the right to develop this Poolz. It's going to be completely decentralized!

Keep in mind this overview is just a simple overview of all of Poolz's initial operations. It's been recorded. on litepaper. This is a brief summary of the initial poolz:

  • Planned improvements: there will be cross-chain token transfer implementation, at the on the road map. this allows tokens other than erc20 to be exchanged on the poolz protocol.
  • Poolz(POZ) token: this is an ERC-20 token, as it is designed on the ethereum blockchain. incentives, paying for future development costs and governance requirements. POZ holders will also be able to discount with pool entries and only for POZ holders, so you can can get more POZ and hold it.
  • Pool type: there are two types of pools in Poolz, the first direct sales(DS), where tokens are accepted by investors instantly redeemable without any locking. and Time Lock(TL) where investors will have a lock-in period before tokens are distributed to investors with a scheduled period of time.
  • Poolz Market: there are two categories of players on the market: 1. liquidity provider(LP), it weighs market providers. 2. Their Pool Maker.
  • Set rule builder: each set in Poolz will have a basic rule and collection makers, usually they are project owners, new tokens, they can rules. these rules include: protol and blockchain wallets relevant to the exchange, Pool Type, set duration, tokens provided for auction, exchange rate(price), and more.

Token Sale Information

Total Supply: 5,000,000 POZ

Seed Sale: 240,000 POZ, at 0.455 USD (avg. price). 25% TGE, then 25% quarterly.

Private Sale: 360,000 POZ, at 1 USD, with a capping of 2500 USD per person. 20% released on the day of sale and 20% after a month from the sale day. The remaining 60% is released as equal monthly vestings of 20%, for 3 months.

Auction Pools: 150,000 POZ to be auctioned at 1.6 USD.

Uniswap Listing Price: TBD.

Private Sale Round #3

👉 https://forms.gle/Sn8eRL6YPhfWX7hSA

Hard Cap: USD 360K

Price: 1ETH = 360POZ

Public Sale / Auction Sale

Hard Cap: USD 240K

Price: 1ETH = 250POZ

Allocation POZ


POOLZ is a DeFi that offers solutions for new pioneering projects. with new ideas from their team of experts to find the best solution to the problem of disrupting ICO and IEO funding and helping new projects to be introduced to investors.

Website: https://poolzdefi.com/
LitePaper: https://docs.poolzdefi.com/whitepaper/litepaper
Medium: https://medium.com/@Poolz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Poolz__
Telegram: https://t.me/PoolzOfficialCommunity
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/Poolz_Announcements
Github: https://github.com/PoolzAdmin/Poolz
Our live code on Discord: https://discord.gg/8REVabc

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