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DeFi is hot right now and there is no doubt about that. DeFi, which in full stands for "decentralized finance" has gathered massive momentum that has positively impacted the crypto industry in recent times. Many blockchain projects now have more value and exposure than before due to the plethora of possibilities inherent in DeFi, while the Ethereum blockchain remains the foremost decentralized network hosting tons of DeFi applications.

The idea of permissionless, trustless, and open access to various legacy financial products in a completely decentralized environment, devoid of government or institutional interference or censorship makes DeFi to be highly attractive to all. Anyone anywhere on the globe can easily access various DeFi instruments such as decentralized exchange (DEX), loans, decentralized insurance, and derivatives as long as there is internet connectivity.

One of the beautiful impacts of DeFi is the push it has given to decentralized exchanges in recent times. Crypto traders and investors have always patronized and prioritized centralized exchanges (CEXs) while DEX had very poor volumes and traffic until the advent of Uniswap, the most popular DEX based on automated maker market (AMM), which has surpassed 1 billion dollars mark in trading volume, and ranks among the top 3 biggest exchange in the world based on adjusted trading volume.

The Problem
Despite this repositioning of DEX at the forefront, Uniswap, the poster boy of DEX, suffers from certain problems which users were wary of initially. These issues include slippage issues, high gas fees for swap, slow transaction, congestion of blockchain during swapping of tokens, lack of tools to monitor pool prices and liquidity, as well as lack of advanced tools and features for creating trading strategies.

All these issues are set to become a thing of the past with UniDApp trading platform.

What is UniDApp?


UniDApp is a decentralized exchange hybridized with valuable trading features available on centralized exchanges to improve user experience. UniDApp exchange is a simplified hybrid of Uniswap exchange fortified with advanced CEX trading tools such as order aggregation, liquidity chart, planning of sales and purchases, analytics, scheduled automatic notifications in a completely decentralized environment. This means that the platform supports non-custodial exchange of digital assets.

In a bid to actualize this, UniDApp is creating a simplified interface that will connect to the Uniswap API and enable users to trade seamlessly with access to several tools to optimize trading experience from a completely censorship-resistant and decentralized platform. With UniDApp platform, traders and investors will be able to easily access DeFi market and financial instruments in their diversity while tapping into the benefits and control afforded by the disruptive blockchain technology anywhere on the globe.

As a DeFi application, UniDApp is decentralized and open-source based on Ethereum's Uniswap, enabling anyone to publicly verify it. There is therefore no element of centralization, opacity, or censorship in the operation of the platform. UniDApp is secure, reliable, robust, decentralized, and easy to use.

Top Unique Advanced Features of UniDApp Platform
UniDApp distinguishes itself from other decentralized trading platform with its offering of advanced trading tools once limited to centralized platforms. So UniDApp combines the advantages of Uniswap and top-tiered centralized exchanges in a single platform thereby helping traders to improve their trading experience. These unique tools that confer UniDApp as an advanced upgrade of Uniswap are as follows:


Liquidity Chart Feature
Liquidity chart shows the amount of tokens and digital currencies that can easily be converted in a particular liquidity pool. Uniswap for example uses liquidity mining to facilitate token swap. UniDApp platform will help users to know the depth of on-chain liquidity available in order to determine if a transaction will be successful or not and with little to no slippage. This helps to cut unnecessary waste on gas fees.

Automated Market Making with Limit order Feature
UniDApp provides the possibility of users planning when to activate their buy or sell order without having to monitor the price. The order will be executed automatically once the specified price hits. It can be likened to automated market maker platform with a limit order feature. This feature is not available yet on Uniswap which thus validates UniDApp as an upgrade to current Uniswap.

Order Aggregation Feature
The order aggregation feature of UniDApp platform aggregates orders from multiple exchanges and pools and presents it to users to create and execute trade in a single interface.

Real-time Analytics and Feeds Feature
Another of the features that separates UniDApp from Uniswap is the analytics and monitoring tool. UniDApp enables users to view and monitor market trading data in real-time unlike the non-dynamic liquidity charts of listed tokens presented ON Uniswap. UniDApp users get real-time dynamic feeds of any token of their choice on the user dashboard. This allows users to monitor market conditions and trends in order to make good trading decisions.

Automatic Price Notification Feature
This tool notifies UniDApp users automatically when the specified price of a token is attained as is obtained in centralized exchanges. This gives traders the benefit of executing or modifying their trading strategy. Users can say bid bye to manual and routine checking of price using UniDApp platform for their DEX trading.

Simple, Sleek and User-friendly Interface
While experienced traders may not have problem navigating around most trading exchanges, many new users find it difficult using some DEXs. However, UniDApp platform is designed and optimized for use for both novice and expert traders with a simple but intuitive trading interface. In just few clicks, users can easily navigate the features of the platform.

Secure, Robust, Non-custodial and Censorship-resistant
Above all, UniDApp is still secure, non-custodial and censorship-resistant. The platform is cryptographically secure which ensures that users are fully protected when trading via the interface. As a non-custodial DEX, users have complete control over their digital assets. No deposit is required.

UDP Token
The UDP token is an ERC-20 utility token that powers the UniDApp platform. The UDP token is required before a user can execute any transaction and it can also be staked to passively earn more UDP tokens.

UDP Tokenomics
Token Name - UNIDAPP
Token Symbol - UDP
Token Type - ERC-20 utility token
Total Supply - 30,000,000
Presale - 30% (9,000,000 UDP)
Uniswap LP - 35% (10,500,000 UDP)
Team - 15% (4,5000,000)
Exchanges, Marketing, Development - 20% (6,000,000 UDP)

UDP Staking


UDP stakers earn additional UDP tokens from the transaction fees collected from the exchange. For every transaction, UniDApp charges a minimal 0.25% of the transaction amount in UDP tokens. Out of this, 90% of the commission is distributed as reward to all UDP token holders while the remaining 10% is sent to the UniDApp fund.

UniDApp platform offers the best of Uniswap and the advanced trading features of CEX in a single simplified platform. As a unique DEX, UniDApp provides traders with real-time information and CEX-like trading tools to improve user trading experience. With these attractive features, it is only a matter of time for UnidApp to become a big wheel in the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Official Links
Website: https://unidapp.app/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UniDApp
Telegram group: https://t.me/unidapp

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