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Introducing Yield bank
The introduction of blockchain technology has brought a tremendous transformation to different sectors of the global economy. Leveraging on the innovative features of the blockchain technology which include Transparency, trust, reliability, Decentralization and efficiency a lot of projects have been linked to this technology.

The challenge however, is the fact that a large percentage of the world’s population is yet to adopt this technology and the use of cryptocurrencies in their everyday spending. this has cause a set back to the main aim of introducing the use of cryptocurrencies which was to allow a decentralized, trusted and transparent financial transactions across the globe without limitations.. But all thanks to Yield Bank Team who has discovered these loop hole and has created a platform where users can be able to use DeFi features effectively and efficiently without limitations.

Yield Bank has decided to make an ecosystem that will yield the most elevated at this point most secure yields an individual client can accomplish.

The Yield bank platform is a completely decentralized framework, which has been created to improve the advanced resource industry, by making a framework which administers engineered resources, upheld by the framework's token to the clients. It utilizes the quickly improving advances, in the journey to guarantee that productivity is accomplished on the framework and that the clients get the best out of their speculations. These manufactured resources is a venture type which lets clients control their speculation, without really holding the benefits. This is progressively similar to tokenizing the advantages, as the client rather holds the local token of yield bank, as a portrayal of their real resource.

The iYield group intends to bring to showcase these roads to the majority of the digital money network.

Yield Bank has decided to make an environment that will yield the most noteworthy yet most secure yields an individual client can accomplish. To offer understanding to our arrangements, we intend to offer a local symbolic that permits access into our biological system.

The iYield platform expects to completely acknowledge decentralization and totally hand down money issuance and formation of financial standards to calculations. With this strategy, the money related framework will be equivalent and open.

The decentralized currency on the iYield organization can adjust the guidelines directed by the industrialists and elites in the general public, who exclusively look to make more riches for themselves. The DeFi arrangement of iYield platform will uncover the influence and sole authority of the rich from the tasks of the monetary and financial framework and establishment a decentralized framework to overwhelm the activities. With the consolidation of DeFi in the monetary framework, most government offices and associations, just as the business people, will stop to have the high ground in deciding key money related arrangements. The DeFi arrangement of iYield organization will make an agreement dependent on the public market, which will decide how to oversee monetary foundations, in this manner connecting the riches hole between the rich and poor people.

Yield Bank will coordinate and improve different DeFi highlights and arrangements with the Yield Bank yield cultivating environment. In this way clients can insight and utilize simply the best DeFi highlights.

Basic Features of iYield Platform

You may consider marking as a less asset escalated option in contrast to mining. It includes holding assets in a digital money wallet to help the security and activities of a blockchain network. Basically, marking is the demonstration of locking digital currencies to get rewards.
yB Token, when marked, will create financial awards of iYield related Token yCASH on open business sectors upheld by Yieldbank liquidity pools browsed Yieldbank information driven examination. Token yCASH, additionally a deflationary symbolic will go about as our marking rewards token from Token yB. Token yB speaks to the way in to our whole environment as without it, you won't be a member in our foundation.
Clients holding our foundation token, yB, will be given an inward record number. This record number will give the client admittance to the Yield Bank stage. Inside the UI's the client will have all they require under one roof top.
iYield platform has a unique trading features, iYield platform operates on unique method known as Automated market makers (AMM).
AMM is a type of decentralized exchange. IYield method of trading doesn't need a third party, the exchange is executed dependent on a collaboration with a brilliant agreement sent on the Ethereum organization. On account of the ETH/USDC model, you would send a chose measure of assets, suppose USDC, to this agreement, and the agreement directs the amount of ETH you receive back consequently.
Yield Bank's ecosystem will have a wide assortment of exceptionally fluid pools where our yCASH pools will be supporting our yB pools, generally settling our environment with Yield Bank's liquidity pools consistently circled into one another, giving stable respects our clients for a long time to come.
The practice of arbitrage will ensure prices in competitive markets will be very close. If there is perfect information and low transaction costs, you would expect only normal profit from engaging in arbitrage. However, if an investor can take advantage of better information or delays in the dissemination of prices, then they can make more profit. http://yieldbank.finance/
Yield Bank offers a specific feature of algorithm that move your fund to a more secure environment. These methodologies are probably the best exchanging techniques known with a notable exchanging bot designer organization being created to welcome a new interpretation of independent exchanging.
User Interface and Experience:
Yieldbank provides a platform where every user has right to control its assets and its own convenience, no third party is required.
Personal account acquisition
Yield Bank has provided a platform where users has their own personal account, yield bank built an information base layer on top of the Ethereum network for our Yield Bank stage. Each ETH address holding yB will be appointed a record number, this record number is interesting and is fixed in our information base to that one of a kind ETH address.

Yield Bank token economy

Yield Bank token has been classified into three token, the first is LP Token, which is an interesting deflationary token - this symbolic serves to settle market evaluating while at the same time making a higher market esteem and turning out aloof revenue to Infinitely Locked Liquidity (ILL) suppliers. The second is the yB Token, which when marked will remunerate the client as yCASH - this is the critical token in this environment, without this token the client won't be a member. third is yCASH, deflationary symbolic will go about as Yield Bank marking rewards token from Token yB.

yB Token supply breakdown
Total supply: 75,000 yB
[68 %] Rewards — 51,000 yB
[8 %] Liquidity Episode — 6,000 yB
[6 %] Reserved / CEX Listing Supply Escrowed — 4,500 yB
[5 %] iYield Team — 3,750 yB
[5 %] Circulation / UNI Liquidity Pool — 3,750 yB
[5 %] Development — 3,750 yB
[3 %] Marketing & Partnerships — 2,250 yB

yCASH Token supply breakdown
Total supply: 75,000,000 yCASH
[68 %] Rewards — 51,000,000 yCASH
[10 %] Liquidity Episode — 7,500,000 yCASH
[9 %] Development — 6,750,000 yCASH
[5 %] Circulation / UNI Liquidity — 3,750,000 yCASH
[5 %] iYield Team — 3,750,000 yCASH
[3 %] Marketing & Partnerships — 2,250,000 yCASH

The Yield Bank platform expects to improve and bind together a significant number of the famous administrations DeFi has to bring to the table under one stage close by our own yield cultivating environment.
All holders of the yB token have marking capacities on our foundation. On the off chance that a client gives IL Liquidity, consequently their receipt - the LP token, can be legitimately marked to the stage for remunerations of the yB token. Moreover, the yB token can be marked autonomously and independently dissimilar to numerous different stages. This assorted prizes framework gives two sorts of remunerations offered while marking in the yB stage.

For more details.
Website : http://yieldbank.finance/
Whitepaper : http://yieldbank.finance/mt-content/uploads/2020/10/yb_whitepaper_lite.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/YieldBank
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yieldbank
Medium: https://medium.com/@YieldBank

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