DeFi. What is your bet?

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I've been following the discussion about put Hive in the uniswapp.
This action indeed will let the Hive's blockchain in the next level. Is possible that you disagree with me and believe that have more to do that put Hive on DeFi.

The new hipe is DeFi and considering that its clearly that Hive, Steem and Blurt opened a run forward to Defi.
Moreover all these blockchains were rise up after to same code, same structure and racional matrix. Its all rise after a Steem's Hard fork. Looking for this is possible that the first that the cross this line will be embrace all other blockchain also.

Hive Blockchain

The first time that I hear about that was in a post made by TheCallMeDan.
After that the discussion about the subject started and Hive Community has been working on that.
Hive has a strong community and many develops that realy know about how this blockchain works.

Steem Blockchain

I remember when Vitalik Buterin tell something about the necessity to move the Ethereum blockchain over another one to garantie a safe update and bring back to the new version of Etherium and @ned on that time propose to use Steem as a source for. That was the first time that I hear about Steem not to going to Etherium but Etherium going to Steem. So it's not happen ofcourse.
Nowadays is more easier that Steem go to Tron blockchain and use a Defi made by Justin Sun than it to go for Defi using Etherium Blockchain in firt place.

Blurt Blockchain

On Blurt I read following that @megadrive put this comment under a post made by @jacobgadikian

"Respond to someguy with required server spec for Uniswap gateways for Blurt, WLS and possibly Hive."

And in Blurt I'd post the following Blurt. Uniswap gateways for Blurt... and I receved as a commment from @megadrive

We are currently working with Privex on to add BLURT to Uniswap, we can extend the same functions to WhaleShares and Hive once the Blurt version is proven.

What is your bet?

What of these blockchains will have Defi first?