The second version of Nutbox curator has been released

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The second version of Nutbox curator has been released, and @nutbox.mine has also set the upvote weights of the curators(Score more than 60 points) according to the evaluation results.

第二版Nutbox curator已经出炉,@nutbox.mine 按照评估结果,设定了对curator跟赞的权重。详细情况如下:


Nutbox.DAO's assessment score mainly refers to: 1. Whether the curator is fair and independent review; 2. Whether the curator sets automatic follow-up; 3. The contribution of the curator to nutbox and Steem;



In order to support the Steem ecological project and the community, the community or any project leader can apply to become a special examiner through Nutbox Proposal. The corresponding project or community will be supported by nutbox.mine as long as the proposal is passed by the Nutbox community. The incubation projects by Nutbox will also be supported in this way.

为了支持Steem生态项目及社区,社区或项目负责人可以通过Nutbox Proposal申请成为特别审查员,Nutbox社区投票通过,即可让 nutbox.mine 支持对应项目或社区。nutbox.mine也会通过这种形式,支持Nutbox投资孵化的项目。

Nutbox Curation

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Nutbox Guide

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I hope that many people apply for it!

Every delegation has the opportunity to become a curator, but only those with an overall score of 60 or more are the current curators

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