Nutbox Blog is online , APY of SP delegation mining reaches 118%

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Nearly one month has passed, since the project launched. Nutbox's delegation pool has gotten more than 1.1M SP from Steem community members. Its APY reaches 118%, rather than 20-30% which is common among other delegation projects on Steem.

Nutbox( )正式上线一个月,获得社区用户1123K SP代理,挖矿年化收益率高达118%。在平均收益率只有20%-30%的代理平台中,独树一帜。

On this special date, we announce that Nutbox blog ( ) is online. The focuses contents related to the blockchain economics/ finance, provides a platform for people who are interested in blockchain to communicate. We are expected that Nutbox Blog will become a real blockchain lover community on Steem, just like on Bitcoin.

在这个特殊的日子里,我们宣布上线 Nutbox Blog( )。Nutbox Blog定位于区块链经济人社区,区块链志趣相投的用户有了个可以交流的地方。Nutbox Blog之于Steem,就如bitcointalk.org对于Bitcoin一样,会形成一个区块链真正爱好者的社区。

Nutbox is a real blockchain-based blockchain-content media, enthusiast can post their works and get rewards. As long as the contents being posted, they will be recorded by blockchain, which means the copyright is protected.


In 2018, when blockchain technology is flamming, there are more than 10K blockchain media. This year, as the new giant tide of DeFi, We believe more blockchain-content communities based on Steem and Nutbox will bring about.


PS: It may increase the Nutbox.mine 's upvote probability and scale if you post your blog through

PS:用 将有机会获得 @nutbox.mine大赞

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Great initiative! It's just the beginning.

yes,thank you!



How does this work? Also tried logging in the blogging portion and it did not work.

use the steem id and post key is ok

It seems to work now, but how does the mining aspect work? It won't let me delegate, the box stays red no matter what amount I input.


I want to withdraw PNUT
but I can not withdraw

Maybe your tron account does not have TRX.

Great news. Steem to the moon. ... again.

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