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Bitcoin , the very first cryptographic currency , created on the blockchain , an open source decentralized ledger.

Bitcoin was met with a lot of criticism and skepticism at first but later became critically acclaimed.


And has since been the very building block of every(thing) crypto entity.

The after came the likes of Litecoin (LTC) ,NameCoin (NMC)and many many more.


Then came Ethereum the brain baby of Vtalik Buterin and Gavin Moody became the second most recognized cryptocurrency since Bitcoin.

Ethereum is often regarded as a second generation blockchain and then third generations like Cardano and so on.

While that is about that , it is not difficult from this point to understand that with the age of blockchain came blockchain technology and the chance for it to build and explore other ventures.

This also helps to understand why a project like decided on and took the route they did.


What is IQ.CASH? -


Before we actually delve into what is we need to better understand the ways of earning and owning cryptocurrency and to have a quick run through of what an investment is along with the risks that come with it.

But since cryptocurrency has closely being touched in the very beginning of we will be focusing more on how to earn in the crypto space.

How to earn crypto in the crypto space :-


1). Buying
2). Mining
3). Staking
4). Airdrops
5). Microtasks
6). Freelancing
7). Crypto Payments
8). Writing/Publishing

How to earn cryptocurrency :-


The listed above are the ways to earn in the crypto space but for the sake of this piece we will focus on the ones partaini to

*which are : (a). Mining , (b). Investment , (c). Trading.

a). Mining - Mining or Crypto-mining is a process in which transactions for various forms of cryptocurrency are verified and added to the blockchain digital ledger.

b). Investing - crypto Investing is making informed decisions about how to make your money work for you and how to balance the risks and rewards.

Putting it basically , Investing is the application of money to earn money , but in this case "earning crypto".

c). Trading - This simply is the trading of or exchanging of one crypto currency for another , buying and selling and exchange of fiat money into crypto.

Now , since we've covered the basics , now the main topic , so we begin with...

What is IQ.Cash ?:- It was created in2018 by FINEXPO , Since cryptocurrency generally revolve around smart contracts utility tokens and etc. was created mainly for miners , investors and traders, it was created by I.T specailists and masternode owners with 3000 IQ coin deposit as a commission for assisting the server system by investing in it.

Its mechanism was developed to share profit between miners as a reward for their transactions.

I.Q cash plans to become leaders in the crypto industry for traders and rhat also plan tonhild maximum & privacy payments among the largest financial institution.

It supports decentralized governance and budget systems like funding community initiatives straight from the blockchain itself using a " SUPERBLOCK" mechanism which are created on each 16616 block.

As expected lets quickly look at what a superblock is and what a DAO is as well.

SUPERBLOCK:- Is a special block that pays out funded budget proposals approved by masternodes votes via the decentralized governance system.


DAO:- Also known as a decentralized autonomous organization or decentralised governance , is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program rhatbis transparent , controlled by share holders and not influenced by the government .

How does work? :-


The platforms works by using masternodes ,we'll go into masternodes later on in this piece. uses a server to actually work tjos servers are called Masternodes (to be discussed later).

The owner rents from the hoster and deposits IQ coin (cost may vary from $1 - $4 per month)

By doing so investors will need a 3000 IQ cash coin deposit to run the server for fast payment.

The deposits from investors is blocked by the system . Then the system starts to add commission for the project assistant , investors have the option of creating more nodes or masternodes (which requires a server and one deposit to achieve.)

This may be a bit unclear so to further help you in understanding lets look at its features.

The project has six key features, which are ...








Alright so lets begin...

1). Freedom : - Since the age of banks people were made to believe this k stitutions were safe havens for your finanaces.
But it raised issues that didnt have solutions for a long time , this may probably be the reason why solutions like cryptocurrency came to be , With its offering of transparency , solidarity and in charge.

2). Masternode:- Its a cryptofull node or computer wallet that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of coin ledgers in realtime , this makes them responsible for enabling specific services that miners and proof of work (POW) cannot accomplish.

3). Anonymity:- Anonymity of transactions in the system is provided by the "private send algorithm".
Users can trust the system completely and not worry about third-party access to data as system securely encrypts data when transferring and recieving assets.

4). Asic Resistance:- This means the property of a crypto currency is immjne to asic mining .
Asics are created to serve a specific use-case or to perform a particular computing task or mine coin , a good example of this would be Bitcoin while examples of asic resistant coins would be - Iq.cas , XMR ,ETH etc.

5). Transaction Speed :- uses "instant send" and instantaneous method of exchanging data to carryout high speed transactions across the network.

Picture it like its the flash of transactions without the costumes and talking.

6). Decentralization:- As earlier explained and for context , network implies the impossibility of creating sites that have a dominant influence on the coins and is also excluded as their release is limited and additional emission is not provided.


As earlier discussed was developed for traders ,miners and investors.

Trader can trade IQcash on exchanges while investors owning up to 3000IQ can get passive income of 57% from the block and miners get 43% from the block.
The remaining 6% (24924 IQ- is monthly) reserved if DAO is used to invest in different trading projects like software , websites , algorithmic trading systems , trading bots , start ups , improvements of the ("") ecosystem and more.

Part of the masternodes will be airdropped to clients and sponsors of the project.

This is to make the project leaders in the crypto space and hold maximum efficiency and privacy payment among the largest De-Fi and Fintech companies plans for guru traders , leading brokers , banks , financial and investment companies , exchanges , payment systems and trade social networks.

A Clearer run through of how to invest


Start by purchasing 3000IQcoins to deposit , then download Flits app from the play store on apply store for IOS users .

Open an wallet in the app and then deposit ur IQ.coins into the wallet.

Final note :-


On a personal note , even though the developers (FinExpo) of didnt use the actual words , it is very obvious that in the coming years plans on being a major player in the coming De-Fi (decntralized finance) revolution .

That being said , I think would be a great investment for long term as the project has earlier stated its interests in such parts in the crypto space.

Even though it seems like its majorly focused on three (3) aspects .

Also I'll like to note that this isnt an investment advice neither is it a professional one which is why I strongly advice that you do yiur own research about the project and see what I mag have missed .

If there are questions you would like to ask , I'd suggest that you ask their representatives below :-

Site :

Telegram :

Twitter : .

Facebook :



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