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Do you trade Decentralized Finance (DeFi) assets? If you do, there is a chance that you already know that some DeFi assets aren’t readily worth being traded because of the fragments tenable in them.
By and large, there is a need to nip the bud of the burgeoning challenges in the DeFi sector. I must mention that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) assets aren’t entirely decentralized because there are still some centralized features in them. From the overt roles played by whales in the pumping and dumping of DeFi assets to the overbearing influence of founders; there leaves much to be desired of the DeFi industry.

The current DeFi system needs to be overhauled for a fully decentralized and unified DeFi industry to emerge. That and many more are some of the opportunities that DEGO Finance.

This is the best time to be a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) trader and investor because you can maximize your fortunes when using the tools provided by the DEGO Finance protocol.

The DEGO Finance is looking to change the narrative that most DeFi projects are more of innovation than bubbles. And it starts with the provision of basic infrastructures needed for the development of the DeFi system to greater heights ahead of the deployment of other important features.

First, the DEGO Finance is ready to hand over the command network of the protocol to the community when the relevant project launches have been made. The idea is to return the DeFi sector to the original purpose of decentralization.

Second, the DEGO Finance will be releasing a couple of features and tools to test-run the all-new DeFi ecosystem that it wants to launch.

For equilibrium to be balanced in the DeFi industry, every investor must be given the same opportunity as the other investors have. That is what the DEGO Finance does via the financial equality it brings.

The idea is that no investor will have more financial controls than other investors do. In that case, the DEGO Finance is looking to cut down on the activities of the cryptocurrency whales as they pertain to the market manipulations of pumping, and dipping crypto coins at will.

In the new financially-inclusive and financial equality ecosystem created by the DEGO Finance, every cryptocurrency investor will be guided by the Attenuation Effect. This effect implies that no DeFi investor will be allowed to exceed certain mining revenue.

At a time like this that every DeFi investor is literally chasing after his pocket, it is ideal that a communal ecosystem is provisioned to enthrone the principle of community and association.


As a DEGO Finance user, you are allowed to be a part of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that handles the decision-making of the project. This is, of course, after the DEGO Finance team must have handed over the command network of the project to the DAO community.

Investing in DeFi assets will not only favour you the more now that you are using the DEGO Finance. It will also be beneficial to you because you will be a part of the governance team while sharing equal rights with other investors.


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