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To better under the project under discuss, I will start by explaining what DEFI and CEFI is

Difference between CEFI and DEFI

Decentralized finance as the name applies simply means there is no single power controlling the sphere. As we have decentralized finance, we also have centralized finance. Below I will be highlighting the various difference between the two

In CEFI (Centralized finance), this is where we have the governments, financial institutions at the helm of financial affairs like how money is spent, how much a person is allowed to either borrow or lend, and what collateral a borrower has to present before they get the loans they require. Also in CEFI, certain conditions have to be met before a borrower is given access to the loans they need. This includes their financial credibility, their persona in the society as well as their source of income

DEFI (Decentralized finance) is different, it does not have the tedious qualities as seen in centralized finance. Decentralized finance does not require anyone to present any document to attest to their personality. What you need in DEFI is your wallet, your funds, and access to the DEFI tools you need. There is nobody to vouch for you, there is no one to stand as a trustee, the smart contract does all these

What is yield farming

The main focus of DEFI is yield farming that is the process of accumulating gains by putting our funds to work. For instance, one can decide to provide liquidity to a pool, or stake their tokens for a given period of time and get rewarded for such. This is basically how the goal of DEFI is achieved as anyone can access funds and also get benefits for the funds they provide. This is as high as a 1000% APY and more

How to farm

To start farming which is either as a liquidity provider or a staker, there are different pools to choose from. The most recent is providing liquidity on Uniswap pools we saw as every Uniswap supporter was paid heavily days back for supporting the ecosystem

YearnLandFinance is a great DEFI project which anyone can utilize to enjoy yield farming. Get rewarded when you stake your tokens or provide liquidity via yLand dashboard. This is going to be easy to use and everyone will enjoy the farming

Visit the links below to start yield farming with yLandFinance, stake and provide liquidity


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