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This is a brief update and review if you missed previous post

We now can participate in DeFi on Tron blockchain, via JustSwap with wrapped Steem or WST.


Current Progress Over at 5 days

First, over 150,000 Steem wrapped as WST
Second, over 153,000 USD in trading volume by Day Three
Third, the Liquidity Pool has 53,000 USD in deposits of WST and TRX, this is the wrapped Steem- Tron Trading Pair!
Fourth, JustSwap WhiteList ?

To Review

This is all due to the efforts of the developers of Project W.
They wrapped Steem as WST so it could trade on Tron!

The Steem Token, as a native Steem blockchain Token, couldn’t be traded on the Tron blockchain in its native form. But it’s representation wrapped Steem or WST can be traded. Just like the token Bitcoin, native to the Bitcoin blockchain, is now being traded on the Ethereum blockchain via its digital representation WBTC, Steem is now trading on the Tron blockchain on JustSwap, via its digital representation WST.
***If you want to learn or understand this more check out my DeFi Deep Dive Post: [Link](

Now it’s very important that we participate as a community in the Liquidity Pool

You can go to the project website and follow the instructions there for wrapping your Steem and connecting your Tron wallet to the site and then to www.justswap using the Tron Link wallet internal web browser (this sounds complicated, but when you do it, it’s straight forward... or it’s as straight forward as the rest of crypto... LOL


Transfer Steem to an exchange, sell Steem for Tron (TRX) and transfer your Tron to your Tron wallet, buy WST, and then to www.justswap using the Tron Link wallet internal web browser (this sounds complicated, but when you do it, it’s straight forward... or it’s as straight forward as the rest of crypto... LOL

Then either
A. Add WST + TRX to the WST-TRX Liquidity pool or
B. Swap TRX for WST and then add WST and TRX to the Liquidity Pool

This is important because the Liquidity Pool attracts DeFi pool investors, the best yields are in the beginning, and so the investors come, buy WST and TRX to deposit to the pool.
The WST is made from STEEM, so this increases the demand for Steem and increases its price.

Thus participation in DeFi pools is good for both content creators and investors

Since we all win, we all should pitch in a little bit. That’s what a community is all about right? Everyone does a little bit and a big job gets done!

Please share this post and spread the word about this investment opportunity and please take the time to support these efforts to boost Steems price, and bring attention to the Steem project!

Here is the Trading Pair to add Liquidity to by choosing pool and typing WST-TRX

As you can see you compare the current price in USD and add dollar equivalent amounts to the pool.
Here for every wrapped Steem or WST I add to the pool, I add 5.789 Tron


Here is the graph of the WST-TRX (wrapped Steem = WST and TRX=Tron) of the growth of the WST-TRX Liquidity Pool


Steem and Tron price are increased.



Steem and Tron charts show positive gains



I am encouraged by these positive developments

We have the opportunity Now as a Community to flex our wallet muscle and attract attention to our Token Steem, our platform Steemit, our partner Tron and probably make money on Transaction Fees and token appreciation!

Thank you Project-w developers!


Link to project post:


To the The developers of ProjectW which created wrapped Steem I say Thank You!


Now we need to get Steem or more precisely Wrapped Steem into this Liquidity
Pool. The time is now.

It’s time to take action!






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