1INCH Token Release + $1500 Airdrop... problem?

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1inch went live with it's own governance token on Christmas and they distributed 1inch tokens to the users!


If you have used 1inch before 12/24 midnight, you should check if you can claim the token.
Conditions are

  • at least one trade before September, 15
  • at least 4 trades in total
  • trades for a total of at least $20

also, if you are a liquidity provider, you will be able to receive 1inch token.

How many token you will receive?

is not clear that is why, you should check if you are eligible or not.

1INCH token is released

How to claim 1inch

Go to https://1inch.exchange


and "Connect Wallet"


Once your wallet is connected, you can check your address like this 👇

This is my other wallet that I have not used 1inch before, so I don't have anything to claim... 😂

However, I checked my main wallet address that I HAVE USED 1inch before, it doesn't give me an error message saying that I don't have no available claim, yet I can't claim the tokens... 😑 because the claim amount stays 0.0 and it won't get updated.


It seems like other people are having the same issue and claiming is not successful even though they are eligible since 1inch has been overloaded after the token release or something?

Official Support: How to claim the 1INCH token?

There is Zerion for that!



If you can't claim tokens on 1inch, you should try Zerion because they have added the claim feature inside the app.
Go to https://app.zerion.io
Connect your wallet. If you are eligible, you can see the claimable token amount.

And click "claim"

This worked for me 🎉
If your 1inch santa is late, try Zerion santa! He might be nice to you too :)

Happy Holiday!

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