DeFi Uniswap: Token Lists New User Experience(UX)

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Everybody's favorite token swap UNISWAP added "Token Lists" because ERC20 tokens are growing rapidly and we like to swap tokens to get into the "new and improve" products.
Introducing Token Lists

For example, everybody is talking about YFI token right now that price is going up and passed BTC. So if you want to get onto YFI shuttle 🚀, you need to get some YFI.

ETH -> YFI swap

If you want to trade ETH for YFI, you can use Uniswap, however, you wont't find YFI token in the default list because uniswap's default token list doesn't have YFI.

That is where Token Lists comes in. They added whole bunch of other lists in Uniswap

So that if the token you are looking for is not listed in the default list, you might find it in these lists.
In fact, you can find YFI token in these list.
cmc defi
coingecko defi

How to use new listS?

I made a demo here on Dtube

You can select a list you want to use and search token in there. If you don't like the list, you can change it to other list. Pretty easy to pick and chose the list you like.

I think the idea of adding these list is great, but they comepletely destroyed the UX (User Experience) in my opinion.
Because when I want to swap token, I want to swap token. I don't want to go through all the lists and look for a token is not fun.
Uniswap added 15 or 16 lists this time, but these lists could grow in the future and what if you have to go through 1000 lists to a find token that you want to swap?! 🤔
I think if you want to swap tokens, you just want to trade A token to B token ASAP.

Instead Uniswap added an extra step to select a list to this process, the swapping flow is all messed up. This is really not a great user experience at all...

Lists are not standardized?

This is YFI in 1inch list.

This is YFI in Aave list.

Same token, but different icon. Are they actually different? Which one is the correct one?
If I check other list, they show blue icon but description or other things are little different from each other so this is very confusing.
Which list is the correct one? Which list to use?

Often times, DeFi platforms don't have great UI or UX, and their features are complex and complicated at times. I think this Uniswap update proved that they need to be more serious about UI/UX.

I like Uniswap. People love Uniswap. I hope they will fix this soon...

Uniswap Token Lists is a good idea, but horrible execution.

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