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If you are a combo master or student, COMBO token is coming soon.

Initial announcement of COMBO token was little disappointing.

FURUCOMBO: Introducing COMBO Token

But this was what I was hopeing for 🤩


Here is the detail: First Furucombo Grant

Furucombo students, sensei, sponsors and hackers will be able to claim COMBO tokens.

If you used Furucombo before 12/23/2020, you will receive up to 900 COMBO.
If you are a combo master, you will receive 6000 COMBO 🤯

Of course, we don't know exactly how much it is going to worth at this point, but I think this is not going to be like 1INCH airdrop and massive token dump.

FURUCOMBO team has come up with a good plan for this COMBO token distribution so I have a good feeling about this... especially, they are going to share transaction fees to the COMBO hodlers so I am pretty curious about how this fee collection is going to work out.
Their trading volume was over $170 million and 7800+ users as of December 2020 so FURUCOMBO is definitely something to look forward to and watch out for this year!


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