Smart Wallet Dharma Surrender: Free Gas Not Sustainable

in #defi2 months ago


The Best part of Dharma smart wallet was the "Free Gas Fee" and they couldn't handle the fee any more due to the ETH high gas price.

I thought Tether (USDT) was moving to OMG Network and stopped gobbling gas so much that the transaction fee would go down... but it didn't work that way.
Price went up almost doubled and it is close to 500 GWEI today.

And Dharma wallet quit supporting free gas.
Dharma twitter

Well, they actually implemented something called "Surge Fee". Basically what it is is that when ETH transaction is too high the surge fee kicks in, but when transaction is not too high gas fee will go back to 0 again.

It sounds kind of fair..., but when can we expect for transaction fee to be lower... like 10 GWEI?!

I think that time is over and the fee will just go up, never go down so the free gas service is a thing of the past.

Their token swap, Uniswap integration, is now $100 minimum so if you have tokens that worth less than $100, you can't swap tokens, you can't transfer tokens since gas fee is too much for users too.
Gas fee broke the smart wallet. 😭

Bye bye Dharma until you get smart enough to beat the gas price.
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