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The introduction of blockchain technology has brought a tremendous transformation to different sectors of the global economy. Leveraging on the innovative features of the blockchain technology which include Transparency, trust, reliability, Decentralization and efficiency a lot of projects have been linked to this technology.

The challenge however, is the fact that a large percentage of the world’s population is yet to adopt this technology and the use of cryptocurrencies in their everyday spending. this has cause a set back to the main aim of introducing the use of cryptocurrencies which was to allow a decentralized, trusted and transparent financial transactions across the globe without limitations.
The Introduction of Interfinex protocol is an innovative process to the blockchain industry.
Cryptocurrencies has been in play for a while now, and it was birthed with the help of the improved technologies, which is winning the different sectors, making it better for users.
The cryptocurrency also known as digital cash isn’t just a regular currency, rather it allows anyone who has access to it to transact digitally, with ease.

Decentralized Finance additionally alluded to as DeFi is a framework on account dependent on blockchain innovation that utilizations shrewd agreements on blockchains to kills the requirement for focal monetary middle people, for example, financiers, trades, or banks. On DeFi stages one can loan or obtain assets from others, and too theorize on value developments on a scope of computerized resources utilizing subordinates, exchange cryptographic forms of money, and procure revenue.

Introducing DeFiGem Protocol.
DeFiGem, is a Futuristic edge DeFi eco-system that houses a progression of DeFi conventions in that environment. We mean to assemble various stages including loaning and acquiring crypto resources, decentralized computerized commercial center markers (AMM), and NFT creation administrations on the ethereum blockchain. We likewise need to keep the entryway open for changing our foundation to our primary organization later on. We have our own token, DGEM. We plan to make this symbolic something beyond a genuine pearl with a restricted gracefully of 210,000. That is 100x not exactly Bitcoin's greatest flexibly.

DeFiGem permits clients to loan and acquire crypto resources in a decentralized climate. Clients can procure interest on stores and get engineered resources. We have plans to help USDT, DAI, ETH, BTC, and the majority of the other set up blockchain tokens. We will be particular about guaranteeing the wellbeing of our clients' assets and evading high unstable tokens that can have critical changes in a brief timeframe.

DeFiGem, is a decentralized account venture shaped by a group of specialists and experts who chose to come pool together their long periods of involvement and aptitude to have an enduring effect on the world money framework through the instrumentality of blockchain innovation. DeFiGem is s DeFi environment with various DeFi conventions inside the biological system with the point of offering first class support to the clients of the biological system.


Basic Features of DeFiGem Finance.
DeFiGem plans to furnish the world with an environment where loaning and acquiring of resources will be conceivable without a mediation of mediators, a wide open decentralized framework with decentralized computerized market stamping (AMM), and NFT creation administration. Much the same as it is conceivable in customary money framework, clients of DeFiGem stage can procure revenue on store and acquire in an environment that organize clients protection and security of assets.

Some of Defi Features are highlighted here:
Yield Farming
The organization offers exceptional yields alongside extra tokens as a feature of the hatchery program. This will be a tremendous in addition to for the two sides.

Marking and Governance
The DGEM token has a wagering program for the initial a year at a pace of 20% per annum. Likewise, DeFiGem has a 'GGEM' administration token with a most extreme flexibly of just 2,100.

Mechanized market checking
Mechanized promoting is one of the center parts of a decentralized biological system. In this way, the organization upholds Uniswap to total the commercial center paming program.

Double Token Economy
Two unique tokens for smoother the executives. DGEM is the primary token to utilize the erc-20 token, GGEM is a select restricted version the executives token with just 2,100 units.

Eco-system Governance
The DeFiGem Finance environment is network prepared and completely adjustable with a democratic framework.

Token Utilization
DGEM token:
Token type: ERC-20
Token Symbol: DGEM
Token name: DeFiGem Finance
Contract: DGEM Token Contract
Total supply: 181,298 DGEM

Uniswap Initial Liquidity: 30,000 DGEM (pending)
DGEM for pre-sale: 150,000 DGEM
GGEM token:
Token type: ERC-20
Token Symbol: GGEM
Token name: DeFiGEM Governance
Contract: Total volume: 2100 GGEM
DGEM holder's remuneration: 100: 1
Road map


Token Allocation
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The maximum supply of DGEM tokens is 210,000.
71.42% presale (150,000)
14.29% marketing, future marketing, gifts (30,000)
14.29% staking reward (30,000)
0% for team members, but team members can purchase tokens sold individually which will be disclosed transparently.
Staking DGEM gets additional rewards during the first 12 months of the staking program starts. 20% of the APR will be awarded to loyal shareholders, 30,000 DGEM tokens are reserved for this program. After 12 months any threshold DGEM will burn out.

For more information please visit:
Website: https://dgemfinance.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/defigem1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/defigem_

Media: http://medium.com/@defigem

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