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Decentralization, consensus and excellent control are some of the highlights of decentralized transactions. The same models saw to the launch of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to be the solidifying force behind cryptocurrency transactions.

When transactions are decentralized, everyone will be empowered to thrive. From the investors to the miners, everyone will benefit without necessarily having to shortchange the others.
That informed the reason for the introduction of the DEGO Finance protocol. It is poised to be a major contender in the race for the enthronement of decentralization in all spheres.

If you always wanted to have a feel of what it feels like to trade without interference or spending more money on fees, it is time you take time to understudy what the DEGO Finance protocol has to offer.

Solution #1: DAO for Decentralized Governance
You will no longer be shut out of the system because you will now be a part of the entire DeFi ecosystem constituted by the DEGO Finance protocol.

As the team promised, the command centre of the broader DEGO Finance protocol will be handed over to the community members as part of the protocol’s dedication to the unification of all the members.

The use of a dedicated Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) system for the governance isn’t all about allowing the community to pilot most of the protocol’s affairs. It is also aimed at allowing the community access to other important aspects of the ecosystem ranging from the formulation of the system to the initiation of proposals and voting on projects.

Solution #2: Advanced Security
There is no denying that security threats are part of the reasons why potential DeFi investors are not willing to take the risk. If security is not assured, there is a higher likelihood that DeFi investors will continually be exposed to illegal access to their personal information, as well as potential hacks to their digital wallets.


But, what if I tell you that there is way out for DeFi investors? That way is via the dedicated DEGO Finance protocol that uses an advanced security system comprising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ethereum-based smart contracts that are powered by a code.

Solution #3: Sustainable Ecosystem of Liquidity Mining
Mining liquidity is the latest trend in the DeFi and rightly so because it allows you to make some money by the side for supplying liquid to a Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Unlike traditional liquidity mining systems, you can now take part in the sustainable ecosystem of liquidity mining, as provided by the DEGO Finance protocol.

The highlight of this innovative liquidity mining system is that the powers of the cryptocurrency whales will now be cut more than half because they wouldn’t exercise as many powers and dominance as they used to.


Instead, the DEGO Finance liquidity mining system creates an opening for fairness to thrive in that the Matthew Effect will be bridged to close the gap between the poor and the rich. At the same time, the liquidity mining system provides every DeFi investor with an equal opportunity unlike what we have now that favours the whales and bag holders mostly.

Final Words
The DEGO Finance protocol can be the formula for setting up a fully Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem that will be fair to everyone.


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