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Dehero is a decentralized GameFi application published by MixMarvel. The storyline of the game is based upon the battling experiences between worldwide legends of different ages. DeHero is a BSC-based GameFi application released by MixMarvel. Users can get to BSC by altering ETH nodes. Dehero is a card gathering blockchain game highlighting NFT+DeFi gameplay. Based on the idea of "base value NFT" proposed by MixMarvel, DeHero locks a specific measure of FT for each NFT card, making it a significant resource. NFT cards can be used for Card Collectible Rewards and trading in the Marketplace.

DeHero's NFT Marketplace has likewise been launched at the same time, introducing multiple NFT trading regions. These highlights support users in conducting NFT card transactions with BSC standard resources.

DeHero, the GameFi application published by MixMarvel, launched a card collectible reward capacity and liquidity rewards to see the value in users for their dynamic interest and backing. The game was officially launched thirteenth July, 2021 with the main cluster of NFT blind card packs for pre-deal in a portion of 6,000 bundles. The pre-deal was sold out inside 24 minutes subsequent to opening. Talk about digging in while it's hot.

By marking NFT resources, users can unbox NFT card packs blind boxes, gather NFT roles, and do card mining with suitable preparing procedures. Therefore, users get DeHero's administration token HEROES.


As prior stated, users can trade NFT cards in the trading market. More application situations, for example, NFT card fights and DAO community co-administration, will be opened to users soon.

To commend the launch of DeHero, they have explicitly prepared select rights for the MIX community. From this second on, as long as you take an interest and meet the conditions of the occasion, you can get a selective DeHero blessing bundle for users of the MIX community. This select appropriate for the MIX community ranges from July thirteenth, Tuesday - 23rd Friday.

The occasion goes as follows, At 10:00 AM (UTC+0) on July 23, a depiction on BSC will be taken. According to this current preview's outcomes, the best 200 addresses with the biggest MIX number, no less than 15000 MIX, will get the DeHero occasion rewards. The occasion rewards will be a bunch of DeHero Blue Cards. You can randomly acquire a blue saint NFT card containing 20 HEROES by opening the received card pack.


A couple of tips to think about this occasion, may go a way in confirming a couple of things and getting out doubts about the moves already made. First and foremost, The preview just gets the on-chain address data. The exchange address isn't inside the factual extension. Second, attempt to focus, as much as is needed, to the community declarations to know when the reward is issued. Needless to say, make certain to follow the social media needed to stay in contact. Twitter, medium and the preferences not surprisingly. The Twitter page has most and potentially completely needed snippets of data concerning the occasion.

There are a couple of habitually asked questions FAQs that may likewise need to be addressed. Where would you be able to play the Dehero game from? DeHero has been deployed on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Test Chain. You will need a Binance Eco-Chain wallet address and a limited quantity of BNB as the digger expense to give it a shot before you can play.

How do you obtain NFT cards? There are four approaches to this.

  1. Procure and open card packs through marking tokens

  2. Buy card packs inside the in-game store

  3. Users can donate their NFT cards to different users

  4. Users can trade their NFT cards with different users

Users additionally get some information about how to mine card collectibles. To complete this, users would need to go to the card collectibles mining interface and spot cards having opened the card packs in the corresponding card spaces during the card collectibles mining measure. Users' mining amount will be rated based upon their card space battling capacity compared to the worker's all out battling capacity. These are a couple of inquiries posed.

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