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There are lots of Defi platforms springing up to provide solutions to the challenges of the centralized financial system. None of these Defi has been able to provide a market for trading of NFTs.

DeHERO platform was established to enable users trade NFT tokens. It is a decentralised Gaming application where users can do mining of NFTs. The platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain which can allow users to access customised ETH nodes.


This is the native token that controls the activities in the community. Management will supply 21,000,000 HEROES for the project. It can be purchased from Pancake.

Dehero cards are based on the BEP-721 protocol. Each of them has five elements: information, ranking, card quality, combat power and HEROES.

Hero Ranking

Every hero card has a unique ranking number with different qualities.

Card Quality

Every hero card is attributed to seven different colour qualities. The higher the card quality, the more fighting capacity the card will possess and its mining efficiency.

The HEROS cards earned through LP staking are locked up and destroyed 48 hours after their generation.




This is a liquidity pool where users can deposit designated LP tokens to earn HEROES tokens. When the earned HEROES tokens accumulate up to 5, the user can gain card packs. The users can add or redeem the staked LP tokens at their willing time. There is a certain stated value of cards to be withdrawn, when a user does not have up to the value, HEROES can be paid from the wallet to complete it.


This is a gaming platform for the community. Participants in the game need to log in and obtain a card set containing a card slot. Users place their Hero NFT card in the slots in order to activate the NFT. The more NFT activated, the more fighting capacity the user acquires.


This is a trading platform for NFT cards. It allows for trading of HEROS and BUSD. The users customize the price to sell the cards. A fee of 1% and 3% is charged for HEROS and BUSD transactions respectively. A certain amount of gas fee is required in BNB.

Trading in the market place gives some earnings to the users. These earnings can be withdrawn to the BSC wallet with a cost of BNB.

Every users has a bag of cards from which they hold and manage their cards. Cards that are not placed in the card slot are idle cards. Users can share and donate cards to their friends.


Where can I play DeHero?

DeHero game can be played at A BSC wallet with a small amount of BNB gas fee is required to join the game.

How do I acquire NFT cards?

NFT cards can be acquired in the following ways:

Staking in LP
Buying card packs from the in-game store
Donations from friends
Purchasing from friends.

How to switch/remove the cards in the card set?

The Hero card on set can be swapped with a card with the same card number. This requires a gas fee. Note that if the card slot is empty, the fighting capacity is zero.

Q: What is a card combination?

This is a collection of several specific cards. This enhances the fighting capacity of the user. Users can obtain this through mining.

Q: How can I get first-hand info about this project timely?

Information about this project through the following ways:

In-game notifications

Through the community channel to learn about the latest project developments

Through the official website of MixMarvel blockchain game publishing platform:

Q: How to switch the game language?

Users can switch the game language by clicking the "CN/EN" button in the upper right corner of the homepage, you can switch the language between Chinese and English.

Q: What is the difference between the Lucky Card Pack and the Fortune Card Pack?

Lucky Card Packs are sold for 8 Heroes and give a certain chance to gain an orange card.

Fortune Card Packs are sold for 8 Heroes and give a certain chance to gain a golden card

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