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As of late, launched a card assortment game called DeHero . The game is published by MixMarvel, a world-renowned blockchain game distributing platform. It is a GameFi chain game that spotlights on NFT DeFi . It coordinates card game play with DeFi capacities and NFT transactions, and infuses financial logic into the game .

It is important that in 2019, MixMarvel proposed the idea of Staking Game, that is, "NFT with a base price." DeHero is the most recent act of this idea by individuals from the MixMarvel community.

This article will base on the value logic behind DeHero, momentarily describe the essential gameplay of the game and how users can profit with it.

DeHero Card: New Assets in NFT+DeFi Mode

On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the NFT cards in the game are issued based on the BEP-721 protocol. DeHero created the estimating system that Token appoints NFT prices. At the point when each NFT card is minted, the corresponding number of Fungible Tokens will be locked into the card.

Subsequently, NFT cards are fundamentally different from other digital collectibles NFTs and artwork NFTs: as the first resources of the blockchain, NFT cards are based on FT as the value, which can guarantee the stability of the value of NFT resources and the digital resources of players. Rights and interests will likewise be additionally protected.

Thusly, these NFTs with essential prices can all the more likely connection with DeFi, and can possibly turn out to be new great resources based on NFT-based mortgage lending, NFTex and other DEFI arrangements.

At the point when NFT itself turns into a great resource and creates more income through the multiple gameplay designed by DeHero, its liquidity is guaranteed. Thusly, NFT can possibly expand more abundant application situations, for instance, increment NFT card fights and other game play, open DAO community administration, and so on

DeHero center gameplay : integrating game and financial capacities

In the DeHero game, players can randomly acquire NFT cards of legends in the game by buying blind box NFT card packs, pledge FT resources, and provide liquidity.

The cards of every saint character are divided into six quality levels, from low to high : white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. The higher the card quality, the higher the corresponding battle power. The number, quality, battle power, and the quantity of tokens contained in the card determine the value of the NFT card. In the wake of getting NFT cards, players can take an interest in card mining, plan mining procedures based on game standards, further develop mining effectiveness, and get more game income.

How To Get NFT?

Purchase Blind Box NFT Card Pack

Users can buy blind box NFT card loads with different prices (at different prices, the nature of the NFT cards obtained is different, and yet there is a sure random likelihood that better NFT cards can be obtained). After the buy is effective, the client can go to "My Card Pack" to open the box, and randomly get NFT cards from the person.

BSC standard tokens like BNB and BUSD. The client separates the blind NFT box through pledge, and simultaneously a specific value of HEROES (DeHero administration token) has additionally been locked in the NFT card.

In addition to marking standard resources, users can likewise acquire NFT blind boxes by directly marking HEROES. Depending on the quantity of pledged HEROES tokens, the nature of the NFT cards that the produced card packs can get will likewise be different.

48 hours after the card is generated, the client can pick whether to get the corresponding measure of HEROES by destroying the NFT.

Purchase directly in the trading market

In addition to the over two methods, players can likewise directly buy top choice or needed NFT cards in the "Trading Market". The "Trading Market" has multiple NFT trading regions, all of which support BSC standard resources for NFT exchange. The card draw shop will likewise launch the official NFT blind box card bundle every now and then.

Instructions to course NFT cards

NFT card mining

After each address signs in to the game, you will get a card book containing a card opening. After a player gets a NFT card, he can put it in the corresponding card space to enact the force of the NFT card and take part in card mining. Gathering card mining is the demonstration of ascertaining the proportion of the complete battle force of NFT cards to the all out battle force of the whole worker, and the conduct of mining to get HEROES tokens. The proportion of the complete battle force of the card book to the absolute battle force of the whole worker determines the mining proficiency of the player.

To understand the complete battle force of the cards, you first need to explain a couple of ideas:

NFT card battle power : Each NFT card has its own quality, and the quality corresponds to the battle power value. The nature of NFT cards is divided into white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. The experience value corresponding to different characteristics is different;

NFT card mix reward : When multiple particular cards are placed in the card book simultaneously, they will frame a mix, and the card battle power in the blend will be added;

NFT card book all out battle power : The amount of the battle force of each NFT card that has been placed in the card book, multiplied by the quantity of cards in the assortment, is the absolute battle force of the card book.

In this way, the more cards activated, the higher the complete battle force of the card book, the higher the proficiency of card mining, and the more noteworthy the game income of the action.


DeHero's new arranging

The MixMarvel team revealed that the following team and community will be committed to upgrading the game insight, including launching more game card saints, getting to more standard important resources for introduce the game environment, and adding NFT legend card fight mode, and so forth, to improve the fun of the game simultaneously, it enables more application situations of the game.

DeHero game is going to introduce DAO administration module, players can take part in game development arranging, ecological administration, and so forth through the DAO community.

In addition, DeHero will help out other notable projects sooner rather than later to launch NFT co-branded cards. The NFT co-branded card not just has higher value and more grounded battle power. For users, getting the NFT co-branded card likewise implies that they will have the chance to have a more extravagant resource type and more prominent benefit space.

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