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RE: Delegating to Bid Bots

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Very interesting. This is a little timely for me as myself and a small group of others have decided to stop using bid bots. It is kind of punch in the gut to watch your rewards drop so much because you aren't using bots anymore, but it also makes you realize how artificial the gains were on those other rewards. Even though I may not utilize it initially, I still look forward to hearing more about your bot as things progress. It sounds like you have a plan that will be counter to typical bots. I will definitely be checking back for more info!


Great on you for quitting, feel free to use the #nobidbot tag. There are ways to make it without joining the bidbot bandwagon

Thanks! I will try that out for sure!

I think you are right. There are other ways to make money. Although I think for most newbies those ways are quite difficult and take a lot of time.

That's basically why I still struggle whether to use or not use bid bots? The con is that I don't think bid bots should be part of Steemit. The concept of promoting your content doesn't work like that.

The reason why I'm thinking about using them is that I can really earn money. At least I think so, cause so far I only did a very tiny test. But it sounds very nice to earn 10 times as much by using bid bots then writing posts/comments.

What do you think about my dilemma?

Well, you know, it's because in the end the only people that really benefit are those that go big on bots (advertising) and those that delegate and collect the fees. Everyone else is just bouncing money off a forcefield giving themselves an illusion of growth. I need to make my actual analysis post, I keep putting it off.

Nice analogy of the force field. I think the rewards are deceptive. I am only about a week in and it has been rough seeing my post rewards drop from $10 to $20 to $1 to $2, but like you said it is kind of a sham. You are really just moving SBD around to STEEM at a loss. From now on I am going to shift my focus back to powering up. Building my SP to be able to give back to others seems to be my best bet.

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