My 6000SP delegation to 12 "Real Minnows" for 30 days.

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Last week, I mentioned I was going to be delegating 6000SP to 12 Real Minnows and today, I have the results.
The engagement on that article was impressive and it makes me wish I had more to give than just 6000SP. Over 250 applications!
Sometimes, we have so much that we forget there are so many others with nothing.

The 12.

Below are the winners of this first edition of my SP delegation to help Minnows grow on the Steemit platform. This does not mean the rest are not Real Minnows, we had to settle for these 12.

  1. @Naijapidgin.
  2. @Backtoschool
  3. @We-care
  4. @Ange.nkuru
  5. @Julietisrael
  6. @Uyobong
  7. @Joshuaetim
  8. @finite-clothings
  9. @Vwovwe
  10. @Afrinsultana
  11. @Jordanlove
  12. @Darkmayhem

Selection process.

The selection process was tough and we had to go through these various applications to pick those who we feel deserve the 500SP delegation. @Mosunomotunde worked through the entire process to make sure we get the right Minnows to delegate to.
The process was pretty simple.

  • Be a real minnow,
  • Comment, telling us why you need the delegation and
  • Resteem.
    The process was long and I will like to thank @Mosunomotunde for taking time out to go through these articles, (that excel list no easy.)

I Feel Blessed!

I think Steemit is changing the world.

Steemit has made the world a better place and there are so many wonderful individuals that have a heart of gold and are shining that wonder for all to see.
I wish I had more to give and I will gladly empower as much people as I can.
For the 12 who will be getting these delegation; please make it count and for those who didn't, better days are ahead.

This delegation is valid for 30 days and I wish everyone who gets it a great time Steeming.

Make the world a better place for someone today!


It was indeed an eye opener seeing the incredible talent we have on Steemit... Goodness! There were almost 100 incredible and note worthy Steemians or group of Steemians who put their best foot forward for this. It was honestly a tough one assisting to select just 12 out of so much awesomeness.

Keep Steeming and don't be weary guys. I'm so proud of us all. Thanks for the opportunity sir and big congratulations to the winners!

Thank you so much ma'am
I am pretty sure it wasn't an easy process considering the multitude of entries the post pulled out...

Bless you ma'am

Thank you ma for the job well done. I can only imagine the stress, you and @ejemai went through to finally come up with this. The time, energy and mental work put into the selection process must have been an exhausting one.

Thank you for your sacrifices. And congratulations to all my fellow winners.

I hope there'd be a repeat of this . smiles

Thank you very much.
God bless you.
before its i want to tell. In my area there are many newcomers in steemit. But no curator has a big SP. We live in an inland village. To work to meet the needs of eating. We just rely on the results of gardening. I also share my knowledge about finding additional income in steemit. And finally they join in steemit. Secar we know that in steemit one way to earn income must post some articles to get VoTe from others. But on average we are newcomers in steemit. It is rare to lyric the same steemit people who have a big SP.
And we've made some good articles to get votes. But the result is no one vote more than $ 1. My friends are almost desperate. But. I continue to encourage them to stay in steemit. I taught them. That to get results. We must fight to survive. We do not have much money to invest in steemit.
I can only give to them the spirit. If to give Vote. It seems impossible. Because I only have 54 SP. If @ejemai would like to delegate some SP for my account. Let me help my new friends join in steemit.
Even though it's only one week. We have some SP delegates. For us It is precious.
Thanks a lot @ejemai

Awwwwwn our obonge @naijapidgin was mentioned 1st chai God be praised congratulations to all my friends on the list I am proud of you all

Lol! Better pikin.

Hahahhhaaa thanks mami u too much
Your love for people wey dey that house ehn e dey shack me

Lol! Enjoy your day.

Thanks to almighty. He blessed you on your long life. Be happy and healthy.

Oh my God, I can't believe I'm among the selected twelve. @ejemai, thank you very much sir, this delegation will be used well. Once again, thank you sir. A big thanks goes to @mosunomotunde, more power to your elbow.

I am excited that two hardoweking people i know of have won the delegation @jordanlove from Uganda and @ange.nkuru from Rwanda .

Congrats to all the winners and Steem on.

Thank you so much @ejamai and @mosunomotunde for the opportunity to make an impact, i really appreciate it, can't wait to put smiles on other people's faces💃🏾. Thanks again.

I was not aware of this, chai where have i been oooo😭😭😭😭😭 and i really needed this!😭😭😭😭😭😭 @iconnelly kuku just knock yourself😭😭😭😭. Where have i been. Just be knocking yourself for 30days. @ejamai this really good congrats to all who got. I hope to hear about the next one. So sad and painful😭!

Wow MR Ejemai i wish God creates more 1000 people like you..May God BLess u

I need the delegation because I'm "hunger" for it :)

I need the delegation with no reason :)


If I tell you I expected this, I'd be lying

Most of the time, it is when you least expect something that you get it.

I did put up an entry, no doubt.....but to think I'd be selected over the flood of awesomeness I saw was a No No....

Each second, minute, hour.... I saw the comments increasinginly growing wings 😂😂 and I totally gave up hopes of ever having a chance at winning.

Only to wake up this morning to "congratulatory" messages from lovely steemians....

Indeed, I am humbled, your act of magnanimity humbles me the more @ejemai and I am truly grateful.

Hopefully, soon enough, I'd be able to follow suit....

Thanks so much for this and thanks to everyone also.
You guys keeps me going...

My name is Juliet Israel and I just won a 500 SP Delegation from @ejemai ✌🏻✌🏻


Congratulations dear, keep steeming

Congrats dear.. remember me in your paradise

Congratulations dear

Thank you sir @ejemai
Your this work so helpfull for have kind heart.Thanks for select me. Its all because of @neeqi. thank you so much @neeqi. You are worlds best friend. .

Again thank you so much...sir @ejemai for your these kind help
Your work for this world so helpfull
God bless you...
Biggest love for you......♥

Wow! Congratulations to the winners. It takes a great Man to do what you are doing @ejemai. God bless you. Looking forward to the next episode.

I really love this act. Success is not a measure of what you have personally achieved or gathered, it is a measure of how much lives you have impacted and influenced positively. How I wish everyone has a mindset as yours @ ejemai, the world would be a better place to inhabitate.

Congratulations to the winners!
Inspire people 👌

Congratlations to them all.

Congratulations to all who got the opportunity. This is a good thing you did @ejemai. Minnows need a boost like this once in a while. God bless you bro.

Congrats to the winners.

How on hell do I miss that???????

Anyways, my time will come too, congratulations to all the winners.

And a big thank you boss of all [email protected]

God bless you more sir...

Congratulations to the delegates.
Steem on✌✌✌

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I Feel Blessed
@Ejemai, may God continue to bless you.
I will certainly not fail to show this love to others in the nearest future.

Thank you @Ejemai, Thank you @Mosunomotunde for finding me worthy of this gesture. God bless you.

Congratulations man

Thanks brother. You are a part of this celebration for introducing me to steemit and @stach

Glad I could help.


The blessed man. Please bless my life.
Sir is @stach on the steemit witness list? I would have loved to vote for her.
I agree with you sir, steemit has changed so many lives Nigerians especially. I am a witness to such. Youths now see the reason to live after discovering that they can earn up to $1 a day. I use to spend hours sleeping before I joined steemit but now the case is different as I stay up all night thinking, researching and writing my next great article. Thank you for promoting steemit and giving people the reason to belief that their future will be great.

Congratulations to the winners. I hope to be among the winners. Thank you @ejemai

Congratulations to the selected minnows; best wishes.

@ejemaiThis is more than awesome; Thanks for your relentless efforts in supporting minnows, as well as your esteemed contributions to the growth of the steemit community..... You're doing exceptionally great

You are doing a great Job, sir. I need some power as well if you could delegate me a fraction. Lots of love.

Wow.. Congrats to the winners..

well done @ejemai..

Congratulations those that won.

I have heard so much about how @ejemai support minnows and here's another huge one. Thumbs up to you @ejemai, I pray I win one day too.

Sorry to I don't get your rewards which you wants to give us.
I'm very unlucky 😔

Why didn't I get to know about this earlier. Feels like shedding tears.

Congratulations to the selected minnows.

Did you participate in the contest?

Wow!!! I have always known that you are an amazing person, but I didn't know to what extent until now. Thank you sir @ejemai for your generosity, more blessing to you @Ejemai, and congratulations to the selected few.

Wow! Congratulations to those who got delegation. Thanks @ejemai for this show of love

Thanks @ejemai for this selfless act. On behalf of naijapidgin, I want to say, "more steem to your wallet". Thanks a lot. @zizymena congrats girl!

Thank you so much @ejemai and @mosunomotunde, you guys just made my month :) with this SP I'll do my best to support and encourage minnows and to better my blog. Thank you once again and also shoutout @jaraumoses too for texting me the good news. Steem on my brothers and sisters.

Congrats to the delegated winners. So sad to miss out. But i live to fight another day. Thanks for your kind heart sir @ ejemai

Congratulations guys

This is impressive.
Decentralizing governance couldn't be done better than this. @ejemai, let me know when you're ready to be a witness. I'll ensure I campaign for you and that all my community members vote for you. Following your lead bro.
Please, don't relent.

Congratulations to the winners, which i'm aware when next it come up.

Wow.....thank you so much @ejemai for considering our request. More power to your elbow.

Wow... Thank you @ejemai for your generosity and congrats to the 12 people. I hope you guys diligently use it and grow too.

Yaaaaaaay!. Congratulations to every one. This is really huge. Thank you for having such a big heart sir. I am particularly happy for @julietisrael. This is really great

I can only imagine the stress @mosunomotunde passed through during the selection process. Thanks so much for your sacrifice.
@ejemai sir, thanks for this opportunity, with this delegation, more lives will be touched. May God bless you.
Though i put in for the contest and didnt win, i believe the process of selection is fair and not contesting it, but if its possible for a repeat of this, itll be greatly appreciated.
To the winners, congratulations and i hope youll make the world a better place with this delegation for all of us. Cheers!

Congratulations to all the delegates ✌

Wow!! @ejemai and the team, I'm very grateful, im quite speachleess right now, i just wanna assure you all that i will do my best to keep people happy thanks

Congratulations to everyone who made it. I was hoping it would be me but I'm sure you all deserve it. I am still pretty new to the platform. I have to establish a Foundation. I will check out some of your blogs so maybe I can learn from you. Thank you guys, and again congratulations.

Wow! Congrats to the winners...better days ahead!

Thank you so much for finding me worthy, I feel so blessed and lucky, and I am extremely grateful. I'll do well to maximize the SP towards creating impact within the steem blockchain and in discovering other gifted minnows.

Thank you once again.

Congratulations dear

Thank you dear

Congrats buddy. Hope to get lucky like you soon.

Congratulations to the winners. I hope to be a winner next time.

Congratulations to one lady that knows what friends and hardwork is all about.. I am glad you made the list. YOu ain't there yet... keep doing what you know how to do best till you become a whale.

Congrats @julietisrael

Congrats to all the winners