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RE: Delegation Committee First Communication

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We will be requiring $100 worth of Steem to be burnt (sent to @null) as an application fee for both new and renewal applications. A link to the transaction will need to be included in the application itself (edits to come soon).

Please either remove this, or set it to 10SBD as a "spam filter" for the test-tier applications. No early-stage StartUp or aspiring entrepreneur with an idea looking to do a feasibility test, would pay to make an application, especially not for the low tier delegation.

The application form for test-tiers should also be shortened, as no early-stage StartUp or entrepreneur with an idea should ever have written a business plan before testing the idea. (This would also reduce the work for the committee to valuate these proposals should they become more frequent at a 0-10SBD price).

Oh, and atm, most project will just by default apply for a mid-top tier. Which is silly. Lowering the cost for test-tier will make more ppl consider it for whom it is meant to apply.


$100 is far too high.

It's fine for the highest tier. The main question is whether or not it is necessary. I guess mostly to reduce the number of less serious applications.

My sugestion was to let the different tiers have different costand requirements. It makes sense as it also takes more time to vet and review larger and more complex businesses.

I think it is way too high, especially as people asking for delegation may not have very much SBD in the first place.

Paying to apply for anything sucks. 100, 65, or 40 SBD you have just priced many people out of the market.

Helping the rich get richer.


I think a sliding scale depending on the tier of the application may make sense.

This is what I had in mind. But the application form and KPIs should also change, at least between the lowest and the highest.

We will introduce tiered fees/burns. Will update shortly.

I fully agree with this. The price should be made tier-dependent.

bbb...but if they remove application fees how will @agroed & co make ton of money ?

The fee doesn't go to them, this is a dumb take.

Wow, you are really, really dumb. The fee goes to @null and not only can no one ever access coins sent to @null, they are zeroed out every block.