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RE: Delegation Renewal Recommendations to Steemit

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I Agree and i almost ignored this post because i dont recognize @delegationtrust and have no idea why they cant just post from @steemitblog lol oh andrarchy always doing the work of 5 people :D he made his OWN video for steem, when steemit inc should have given him budget to just create a small studio on a budget where he could create steemit news... honestly its sorely needed, an officially distributed news source about steemt inc

it wont be steem news, just steemit news :D we need to have a CENTRALIZED place to get steem info for a while, untill we see more spring up. no shame in leading the steem community with a TV show


Yes exactly. This post is something that is going to change the fate of Steem and if it is posted from an account that is not even popular who will even know this.

Or at least I would be happy to see this resteemed by steemit blog. Thanks to some big people who resteemed it and that's why it appeared in my feed.

by the way thanks for that amazing steem engine bot you made @kanibot i highly recommend buyin the subscription to get discord notifications of all your steem engine transactions

its really worth it for seeing SCOT token delegations! And im sure when SMts come out youll be first to make the SMt notification bot!