Delegation Renewal Recommendations to Steemit

The committee has been meeting to figure out which delegation renewals and under what terms we would suggest Steemit continue to provide the delegations. Our primary objective in this endeavor is to use the delegation process as a way to attract and maintain businesses, communities, and projects on the Steem blockchain.

Below you can find our current ratings of the different projects and our recommendations. You'll notice that several of them have not completely concluded. They have been providing answers to questions we've posed, but still have open questions. For those accounts we're providing 1 additional week to finalize a few reponses. Failure to provide those responses will result in us suggesting a termination of the delegation.

We're using our 3 tier system of 1M max, 500,000, and 100,000 SP delegations.

Max (1M SP) delegations are reserved for projects that are well developed and fit with market needs. The projects create new use cases for steem, facilitate powering it up, or burning it.

500,000 SP delegations are for projects that are well developed and fit with market needs, but need to demonstrate how their product provides a unique use case for Steem,and/or facilitates burning or powering up steem.

100,000 SP delegations are for projects that are in their infancy, that show some potential, but need to do more to demonstrate a unique use case for Steem or how the project will lead to Steem being powered up or burnt.


Delegations have been awarded previously for the misterdelegation account to the tune of nearly 18M SP. Our first goal was to look at the existing delegations and make sure they all met standards and reduce delegations so they did not exceed the new 1M steem cap. Projects have been scored, earned a tier, and in many cases the amount of Steem Power to inidivual projects is shrinking. It's not shrinking all at once. A haircut is applied over 3 quarters such that now, 3 months from now, and 6 months from now the delegation in excess of what they are approved will be cut by 1/3.

Scores, and suggested actions

The committee has completed a rubric for each of the different projects. We suggest the following to Steemit. Projects that are incomplete have been marked with an "incomplete" and have 1 week from this post to clarify their answers. We'll provide an updated scoring sheet once the remaining answers have come in.

Project Score Recommendation with notes:

Spaminator - 58.2, approved to 1M SP down from 2.8M SP for fighting spam, phishing, and fraud. Haircut adjustment to 2.2M SP.

Steemcleaners - 65.7, approved to 1M SP down from 1.5SP for fighting plagerism. Haircut adjustment to 1.33M SP.

Steemhunt - 71.7, approved to 1M. No haircut necessary. Steemhunt and Rewardhunt are approved.

Steempress - 62.0, approved 1M.

Dtube - 64.8/incomplete, 1 week from now to continue their delegation, 8 questions remain open. @starkerz recused himself from scoring dtube due to being a part of a competing platform 3speak.

YooDoo - 82.8, 1M approved for YooDoo, Andrey Grays Football Academy, and 3speak. Down from 2M SP. Haircut adjustment to 1.66M. Andre Grays Football Academy not to exceed more than 10% of the vote. @starkerz recused himself from scoring this project since he is a part of it and we would like to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Fundition - 59.6, approved for Fundition to 1M SP, not approved for Drug Wars. Drug Wars has 1 month to remove the voting pattern. Haircut adjustment to 1M. Note: Fundition activity seems slow. We're looking for an increase in activity to continue the high tier delegation going forward. We'd like to see a stronger revenue model for Fundition.

Esteem - 59.8, approved for 500k steem. Haircut to 834,000. This is a great project that has a lot of solid development behind it. It offers something different than in that it's a mobile app and mobile first.

What we can't isolate is how eSteem leads users to powerup Steem, burn Steem, or bring new use cases to Steem.

For example, Steem can't be directly used for advertising on the site. So, we're placing this in the middle tier.

Tasteem - 55.6, approved for Tasteem at 100,000 SP. Haircut down to 700,000 SP.

Note: TaSteem has promise as a business that's not currently being achieved. We don't see how, in its current state, it's doing anything other than distributing rewards, and there are plenty of interfaces that facilitate that (which don't get delegations). In order to reach a higher tier the committee has to see a way that the project facilitates burning steem, powering up steem, or creating new use cases for steem. For example, promotional oppportunities for restaurants, which was mentioned, but the project needs to be farther along to justify the top tier. When use cases, burn cases, or reasons to power up are more evident we're happy to revisit a higher delegation.

Moving Forward

Now that we've established some baselines on the previous projects we're going to open up new projects to apply for delegation. There's essentially two phases from here on out. A technical round and a commercial round. The technical round is simply to determine if this committee thinks that the project meets the bare minimum standard to receive a delegation. If they do then they'll move on to the commercial round.

The technical round involves going through the basic application process. What is your project, how does it make money, what are the benefits to Steemit and the Steem community? If it passes it'll move onto the commercial round.

The commerical bidding round

We have a commercial round because there are more projects seeking funding than we have funds. So, we decided they have to compete for it. During the commercial round projects that have passed technical muster will make offers in exchange for the delegation they seek. Offers can include services, fiat, crypto, utility tokens, or equity.

It's the job of the committee to come up with guidelines for how we evaluate the different offers and then rank them. This committee acts with complete independence from Steemit, and Steemit has not exerted any influence whatsoever over this process.

Projects offering what we consider to the have the highest value will be filled first up to the maximum tier of 1M SP delegated. And we'll move down the list until all of the Steem Power has been awarded.

It is the hope of this committee that after some time has passed and the projects can stand on their own that the thing of value that has been exchanged for delegation can be put back into this process to help fund additional businesses and communities coming to steem. We want this to be a perpetual fund bringing new projects to the Steem ecosytem!

Note: For example. Projects that have had a 1M SP delegation for a year have gotten 10,000 Steem per week for 52 weeks. That's 520,000 Steem. Today that's worth $50k, but over the past year it's been worth as much as $500,000. Let's roll that back into bringing new businesses and communities here.

For projects seeking delegations please look to YooDoo and Esteem applications as examples of projects willing to exchange things of value for the delegation.

Application to be announced shortly

New projects will see an application for Delegation from this committee within the next few weeks. Projects will have a specific time to get their application in by (expecting November). We'll score them to see if they pass technical muster, and then host a commercial round (we expect this in December/January).

ALL projects will compete in the Commercial Round

When the first commercial round starts ALL projects will be required to compete for the delegation. Projects may receive delegations even by offering just services in exchange for the delegation, but we think that's highly unlikely. The projects most likely to receive delegation are the ones offering the most value in terms of a mix of services, fiat, crypto, utility tokens, and equity.


Thanks so much for all your hard works committee. Could you change the word "Rewardhunt" to "Reviewhunt"? Thanks!

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

It offers something different than in that it's a mobile app and mobile first. What we can't isolate is how eSteem leads users to powerup Steem, burn Steem, or bring new use cases to Steem.
For example, Steem can't be directly used for advertising on the site. So, we're placing this in the middle tier.

Surprised to see this, we have mentioned how powering up and usage of STEEM to be introduced in our plans. One of the examples, we already released in recent update of Surfer, people can use STEEM to purchase goods inside application and we are adding more features that will, not only encourage usage of ESTM but STEEM as well. And other steps that were mentioned was, improved gamification across our apps so that when users are powering up they are rewarded, when they burn they will be rewarded again. These changes are being worked on and released with steps. Also, eSteem is not just mobile application, we have desktop application Surfer and Web application which we recently launched. All products working together and with iterations we are moving towards having fully fledged products, no other frontend currently offer. Note, we do run our infrastructure (full node) as well to help our users stay connected always.

Hope this helps to clarify some points...

Thanks for good work!

eSteem is a great project. In the future those things that you are describing if functioning seem like on the surface they could all qualify for the top tier. However, in the current model we don't see those in it, which is why it's approved, but not approved for the maximum. Over the next 3 months you'll miss out on about 10% of the stake. You'll have plenty of time to add some of those features that require powering up, burning, or provide a new use case for Steem by the time everyone is set to compete for delegations they are looking for.

  1. Requiring power up is core concept of Steem, before you can use any app, isn't it. And improving gamification and user retention brings more users in and encourage them to power up more. 2. Use case for STEEM as mentioned in above comment added to recent update of Surfer that allows people to purchase goods (ESTM) with STEEM and SBD. More goods will be added of course but it already exists.

When esteem Steem browser? :D Like Brave? Can we fork brave and replace BAT with STEEM? SPS proposal idea?
We NEED to see steem as more of a whole internet and less of a blockchain. we can have our OWN steem BROWSER forking brave, like Gab AI is doing with replacing bAT with BTC.

Wouldn't it be way easier just to partner with one of those teams? I think partnering with the Dissenter browser is the way to go, they don't have a token yet and it would be seriously bad ass if Steem was integrated into Dissenter's universal comment system.

This is a powerful idea - do you have a contact?

Sorry, not connected with Dissenter team. But I'm sure their team would give a Steemit Inc. employee an ear if requested.

Paging the steemit team! Have they heard of this suggestion yet? That andrarchy guy?

Maintaining browser is serious and big task for our small team, although we can check our options if it brings value to Steem overall. We will do some research on this subject. Thanks for suggestions!

Good to know blatant abuse will be tolerated.

There have to be guidelines in place before there can be abuse. Guidelines are getting established with this, and corrective adjustments can come. If even after clear guidance and notice of consequences are ignored then it's pretty easy to defend.

There are no guidelines on Steem, and we fight “abuse” everyday. It’s called using common sense to see what is adding value or taking away value from the community shared inflation pool.

The truth is more than one of these projects have used the shared inflation pool to remove value, even with input from the community to point out the inappropriate behavior, for nothing more than their own gain. While also contributing to spam, farming, as well as many other things.

“They had no guidelines given to them” is a poor excuse used for far too long. They should all start at zero then and apply.. as I don’t know what project in their right mind would be approved for the garbage provided.

Hurray, a voice of reason!!!

yeah youre right, its common sense. and we need better, we need standards. @muyghat years ago asked for "proof of profit" and some may see that as harsh but we should try the revolutionary idea... of only rewarding projects that show a profit? :D

ok ok i know thats WAAAAAy to CRAZZZZy of an idea to ever fly on steem where the whales don't know what ideology they support :D

These "guidelines"... they need to be standardized and voted on in a STEEM DAC . The SPS is not a DAO its just a worker proposal system. we need a real DAO like Telos has, with arbitrators, Steem FOundation elections with SF having funding, and we need a steem constitution and ratification of documents and the ability to upload and vote on other documents. Then maybe we can create a consensus for these nebulous arbitrary guidelines we all try to follow... we need to just be more strict! We have to give ourselves more credit for having hiccups while we develop the next generation decentralized star trek community with no money and everyone clothed and fed :D All of these problems with "spam" and misallocation of tiny amounts of delegation are trivial or will seem so when steem is bull running and we all realize there is nothing we can do about what others do with their SP. All we can do is complain like you have done here, which isimportant, if we dont file complaints, nothing gets done. Our complaints are our voice and it is with complaints that everything gets done in any large organization. People complain and we get new products.

I think we shouldnt have a stigma about complaints. They are our lifeblood in software development, we need input from users and steemit inc has a nasty habit oif telling us to go fork ourselves. Now that we actually are forking steem and have options on eos and telos, I am happy to see steemians gettinG ANGRY about misallocation of SP, BUT its too little too late and we should just worry about onboarding, and using the tech oif steem, the distribution is a lost cause... you cant ever get steemit inc to give up 10 million steem to create accounts like they need to... SO LETS just worry about using forked version fo steem that can be used in a cross chain way, SCALING STEEM should be what we focus on AND i can ask @liquidaps-io if we can get STEEM

We are creating the next level technocratic society here, and the rest of the world just sits and lets us work. One day theyll use what we make, and we wont get much credit , just like with nikolai tesla.

But until then we have to make guidlines, we have to have standards and oracles, elected arbitrators, lots of checks and balances we can try out! None of it may be perfect but we should at least try to create more standards

Thanks for your reasonable and inciteful comment @justineh
I hope we can use governance tools from Telos like Arbitrator and Steem Foundation elections, and Document upload and ratification, so we can a have people assigned to be strict HUMAn filters :) Then we can allocate this delegation better, and have users applying struct guidelines to these projects, maybe delegation escrow, so delegation can be revoked by the arbitrator... i mean there's so many options thats just one idea...but lets not eb scared of these big words and concepts, steemit inc devs are nt the only ones who can build stuff, they just want to make their work seem muych more complicated than it is but blockchain is not rock science. no one;s lives are at stake, its just internet games, for now, untill bull run, nd then maybe livleyhoods may be at stake, but we should be more relaxed about BUIDLINg on steem. Far tooi many peopel are under this spell of "I cant do anything im just a minnow" when no its 2019 anyone can buidl anything online and thats the secret.

id apologize for my long comment but im beyond that now. People should be grateful to see any comments on any steem posts with our recent activity numbahs.

Here is 100 CHLp @challengedac tokens since you "challenged" steem's status quo :D you get a technocracy with these committee's, or an idiocracy? I'm not too sure...

I totally agree with you. @justineh

It’s called using common sense

Is not that common anymore... isn't it ?

It's surprising to see your team still doubting eSteem potential and still asking how Steem can be burnt through eSteem.

eSteem has developed several projects in the past.

  • eSteem search
  • eSteem mobile
  • eSteem PC
  • eSteem Web
  • ESTM token
    And with more still coming from the roadmap.

Even Steemit still uses Google search enhancing centralized search platform! You're all talking of onboarding, people have choices, not everyone will like web app. Imagine Twitter/Facebook without a mobile app!

Cause you don't spam good like @fundition @laundition.

Im surprised we dont see more spammers scammers and anonymous ponzis on steem. Honestly it should be a magnet for the worst people and its kinda funny how much we fly under the radar. How has the gubermnet not tried to shut down steemit? Like, i feel we just havent gotten their attention yet. I guess we just need someone like alex jones and then we can get shut down by regulators lol

maybe the gubermnet knows they cant shut down steemit inc cua z of steem blockchain? maybe they dont wanna make a martyer?

people are divided and conquered. no one at steemit inc went to anyone at voat or gab ai to form some new alliance against facebook. I feel there is a alternate universe where dan never left, ned was cool and had some hot GF motivating him back in 2017 and i imagine a present where steem is $80 and totally different. We may never have actually done a building tho

nah ahha $80 steem and we would have buil;t so many MORE dapps :D

whatever i still think we can salvage steem and that the stunting of its growth wasnt TOO bad... we can always use steem for an educational blockchain. But we have to compete with Telos and TEACH and we need to really find onboarding methods as well. I have 2000 INV so i can onboard 2000 users but I need a way top FIND people who even want to use steem, no one does

i cant even give out free accounts... no one cares no one wants to post. tribes are my only hope as I have a place for locals to post and get rewarded

i plan on having a tribe for every city one day, @aggroed should make plenty of money with a city tribe for every city in the world :D

First of all: thank you for your

Countless hours of hard work

as @starkerz mentioned.

and I like the decisions so far. I think fundition should follow the new guidelines from now on and I am happy with the approval of their delegation since this is a really strong project with a huge effect outside of steem. I think this is outstanding here in the list.

But I want to mention as well that I admire the move of @starkerz to step back from judging @dtube and yoodoo. But at the same time I wanna question if he is the right one to be a part of the team. Aren't those objective guidelines for the team to judge? At least the linked spreadsheets seam to be kind of a guideline. So why is their a possibility to judge unfair? The community relies on your opinions and is trusting your decisions. I am not happy with the fact that someone (needs to) step back from this really important task..
Btw: this comment and my thoughts are not influenced by anything related to @oracle-d or that I am a DTube node leader

It’s too easy to challenge objectivity is there’s potential personal interest involved. That is the correct position taken by @starkerz.

@tibfox you have a great point here but don't you think that if there's anyone who understands the perfect model to bring new investment to STEEM and spot any project that has the potential to do the same it would be @starkerz? Leaving aside all forms of sentiment, I think having him on the team is one of the biggest bonuses such committee can ever have. Stepping back from scoring @yoodoo and @dtube doesn't also make the team weaker. There are guidelines and his subjective judgement of those is why he must have stepped back.

I guess this is an important post and it would have been appropriate if this was posted from Steemit Blog. It would have provided an opportunity for many people to share their views.

I second this. Something this important shouldn't be originated from an obscure blog with 100 followers. Unless I'm wrong, there doesn't appear to be an official request for comments period from the community regarding these matters, so it appears posts like these are only function as a forum to air grievances after the fact.

That would [potentially] take away from the independence of the Delegation Committee. But resteems exists so the visibility of the post can easily be boosted.

I Agree and i almost ignored this post because i dont recognize @delegationtrust and have no idea why they cant just post from @steemitblog lol oh andrarchy always doing the work of 5 people :D he made his OWN video for steem, when steemit inc should have given him budget to just create a small studio on a budget where he could create steemit news... honestly its sorely needed, an officially distributed news source about steemt inc

it wont be steem news, just steemit news :D we need to have a CENTRALIZED place to get steem info for a while, untill we see more spring up. no shame in leading the steem community with a TV show

Yes exactly. This post is something that is going to change the fate of Steem and if it is posted from an account that is not even popular who will even know this.

Or at least I would be happy to see this resteemed by steemit blog. Thanks to some big people who resteemed it and that's why it appeared in my feed.

by the way thanks for that amazing steem engine bot you made @kanibot i highly recommend buyin the subscription to get discord notifications of all your steem engine transactions

its really worth it for seeing SCOT token delegations! And im sure when SMts come out youll be first to make the SMt notification bot!

Because the members of the delegation commitee are not steemit inc employees. Anyhow, steemit featured the post so that takes care of the visibility for those who are not following the account. The interested parties are first and foremost those who applied for a delegation (they should certainly be following the account and I would be surprised if they are not).

So i'm seeing 7.6M approved? Out of 18M
Is this correct or are we missing some?

Fundition is a great project. There were zero terms given prior to this. There's now partial notice of how SP can be used. Further guidelines to come out soon for all projects. If they can figure it out with some guidelines great. It's a real benefit to Steem and the ecosystem if it can be made to work appropriately. If not then I'd support moving on.

PS. I love the idea that delegations be reserved for businesses/projects that actually have a revenue plan besides just selling steem. We desperately need to start bringing money into steem instead of everyone using it as an ATM.

Projects that have had a 1M SP delegation for a year have gotten 10,000 Steem per week for 52 weeks

What does this mean? I've never seen any sort of market price for delegation that is 1% per week, so it can't mean that. I'm stumped.

Maybe it's better as "the equivalent of." That's basically the going rental rate for SP last I checked. I could be off.

Market rate is much lower afaik, generally around 15-20% per year, occasionally a bit higher but certainly not 50% per year.

But if you were just citing the number for illustration of the significant value being given then the exact number isn't that important. It wasn't clear to me from context that was the intent.

He's using blocktrades pricing.

It's off by a factor of 10.
Edit: Maybe 5 since HF 21. But still waaaaay off.

That is blocktrades pricing vs. Dlease pricing. They are quite different.

Yeah, that number is just impossible if it refers to the average or expected curation rewards + benefactor rewards projects gets.

At SteemPress, we do around 8k per month, which also includes benefactor rewards. As outgoing steempress votes only make up about 25% of it (meaning most benefactor value stems from other community votes on steempress content), it would be closer to 5,000 SP per month as a base line (prior to HF21 at least).

I would like to thank the guys on the committee for the countless hours of hard work they have put in to get to this point. Although the results in some cases may not be as rutheless as some might have preferred, this will come with time. This round of delegation applications has freed up some Steem to distribute to new projects over the next round and it has provided a clear baseline as set in the rubrics in the google sheet attachments above (please browse at ur leisure as they will give you some idea of the staggering amount of work carried out by the team as well as give you as community members the ability to see exactly where the base line has been set and thus more easily hold the projects to account). Even though we do not all agree on the final decisions of the committee, i would like to point out that it has done an overall fantastic service for Steem in setting this baseline and I stand fully behind the measured and fair decisions it has made so far.

This round of delegation applications has freed up some Steem to distribute to new projects.

The true important thing after all. Can’t wait to see which members have to step away when deciding where that goes.

Each project should be held to the same standards, not getting leeway due to already having delegation. Would that project be approved if they had to apply from scratch? Would they receive funding with all the past discrepancies and lack of work on the actual project they are asking for funding on? If no, they shouldn’t have it now.

Seems very strange to reduce a projects delegation for ”has promise as a business that's not currently being achieved” and give just a empty warning to another who has done what DW has.

But I’m sure the committee has their reasons.. we will all just have to guess what those are I suppose.

Do you have any solutions / suggestions to improve the process?

Yes, hold those reapplying to the same standards you would to a new applicant.

Also perhaps don’t be afraid to ruffle feathers, as sometimes it’s needed.

I know it may not be great for the projects you all are attached to and playing “nice politics” is the way to be successful on Steem.. but it doesn’t always result in the best result for the community and longevity of STEEM.

Considering fundition is involved in the Steem business alliance, I hoped to see a bit more careful consideration of their past actions. The truth is one project had their delegation significantly dropped due to not living up to their business potential, and another.. whose actions speak volumes, did not. Why?

Understood. Please note our approach is a bit softer than what you describe above. We have discussed a lot about how to approach this, and we are phasing this system in. There is no need to make decisions that could appear too harsh at this phase. We have however communicated that things are changing and have given projects enough warning to be ready for that change, especially in the next phase of delegation applications, which will bring in new projects / delegations and set a more competitive standard. The end result you are looking for will be more or less the same, but the changes will be implemented over a slightly longer time frame so as to give projects time to adjust, rather than just remove delegations immediately.
As regards to Fundition and drug wars, fundition is a great project for steem, and we must do what we can to incentivize it to get going again, maybe bring in some sort of business model. We would like to give some time to see if this can be achieved before decisions are made to reduce the delegation. We do not want a great project to sit quiet and dead on the steem blockchain if we can at least try to get it kick started again.

Yes, fundition could be a good project.. but if you actually have to bribe or force them to do what they were supposed to be doing all along (while collecting a big check from community funds), instead of the bs they were.. then maybe it’s better to start fresh and build this thing you all see as valuable.

The only thing fundition has that’s unique is they already have a website. Pretty sure anyone could build that with 1M SP.

Seems quite strange to give them a pass because they could maybe do something of value.

Glad you are trying to go about this in a fair and logical way, but at some point it’s just being complacent and setting a bad precedent.

If we do this in a corrupt way or repeat the same warning again and again, without taking any action then I can understand ur point. We are not there yet however

Fair enough, but I see reduction of delegation for some and not for others.. and no real action taken to ensure they stop what they have been doing all along, and as far as I’ve seen - show absolutely no remorse for.

The “wait and see” option is valid.. but I guess it feels like we have been doing so for quite some time. Perhaps actions would be acceptable at some point.

Thanks for your time.

Since the community now has free downvotes, eliminating delegations for steemcleaners and spaminator seems warranted. There is no reason for them to be the highest rewarded "author" for months.

Since the community now has free downvotes, eliminating delegations for steemcleaners and spaminator seems warranted.

That's assuming people actually use their downvotes. And I'm sure most people are not interested in downvoting the likes of @indicate, or @numlock, by hand.

Is there time to submit a project for delegation? I am working on a new and quite unique project..‘the steem ecovillage.. what is the best way to apply? Very many thanks!

PR Tip: Posts from @delegationtrust would be wise to begin with a preamble that provides information about "The Committee", its origin, purpose, and membership. Without including this information in your post, you provide no story for community members to be a part of or get behind, but instead, a faceless entity deciding on rewards with no apparent accountability. "I" understand the origins of this committee, and I know its members. Don't assume inside information in your communications. It creates an in group / out group feeling.

We need a steem news show to announce lal these things...

Id suggest an SPS for Steem news tv show BUT few proposals are at all passing, unlike on telos wheer i already have two passing proposals lol. I really wish steemit incs proposal system would give us a sign that it will lower the threshold... otherwise we wont get many projects funded WHILE the reward pool continues to get used up by people who arent really doing nmuch for steem lol. BUT THAt can change over night if we simply had @steemit inc vote with their damn proposal votes

no idea why we dont see more proposals being voted on by steemit inc, they have what 30 million SP to vote with? And you need what 7 million Sp to get funded? :D I dont see what they are waiting for... are our ideas not "good" enough ?

has @steemit inc decided that my proposal for adding Scatter to Steem is not worthy but steemworld is ? lol what a joke its ok tho, its early, maybe theyll change ... but i mean i had a very simple SPS proposal for coinbase styel ads, all money would go to @overkillcoin and i still am going to try and get teh funding to get that done... coinbase earn styel ads BUT WHY? Why should i even help steem when I dont stand to gain? I mean the proposal system cant even fund good ideas from people who have been heer for years, not just me but @techcoderx who has made progress getting steem on ledger nano s hardware wallet. HE DESERVES that funding so where is steemit inc? They are where they hve always been, absent

on TELOS the founders HANG OUT WITH US ON TELEGRAM EVERYDAY AND they HAVE GIVEN ME FUNDING over $750 just to promote Telos on Steem and get TELOSp listed on steem engine. dude, guys, come on, you cant deny that something is wrong when I work on steem for almost 3 years, cant even get a few hundred dollars in funding for something that only helps steem and gives me $0 profit. And yet I just WALK INTO telos after a few weeks, and I get immediately funded fora worker proposal TO GIVE TELOS to STEEM users. .... I mean come on ..... Steem SPS cant even give me a measly few hundred sbd after years of hard work adding more value than 99.99% of the users here, but on telos I get it immediately after just a few weeks? They recognized my talent, while steem just downvotes me when someone ELSE buys an upvote out of my control for my SPS proposal. Its a joke, and we need to look around at other chains to see WHAT we can learn. Steem is SO STUBBORN. But it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL and always will! I wont give upon steem ever, but I wont NOT call it out on all its flaws

If your Mother had cancer would you sit there and NOt tell her and let her emotions take over when you call her out for having it? You tell her "We need to get that giant umor checked out," and steemit goes "NO youre just anti steem! Just because you didnt get paid you think the proposal system is broken/ NYEAHH!!" and im like "NO momma steemit, i dont care about proposal money, the fact is your systems dont work and you cant admit it! your in denial you have cancer!" and steemit just says "YOUR A SCAMMER AND IM DOWNVOTING YOU, GO SHILL EOS ELSWHERE"

thats how i feel on steem, i try to help and i just get attacked lol. :D steemit is like a mental patient whose really wealthy but he wont cooperate to take his own medicine, not brain medicine but just like anti biotics for an infection. Steemit needs to take anti biotics for its nasty infection but the anti biotics will give it a tummy ache, many steemit inc devs need to be fired and steemit.coin needs to be shut down sunsetted and have all traffic redirect to steempeak. They cant make it profitable, they will just keep dumping steem. we need to sunset

we need to get some real leadership and we need @ned to ANNOUNCE that he left like a man and not just skurry off into the darkness

NED left and is developing on EOS and has told top steem devs about this and asked them to come check out EOS... seriously we need to compete and work WITH EOS and use Steem as the SOCIAL MEDIA arm for ALL things DPOS. We are a family and we will be left behind if we try to go it on our own... lets stick with the LArimer billion dollar war chest.... we could get block one funding worth more than our entire marketcap :D lol

Lets focus on salvaging steem's marketcap back to ATH. We can have $10 steem but we need a 5 year plan, a roadmap, and it cant revolve around magical SMts that no one will even use because not that many people can even use steem engine tokens because No one can signup! we need millions of free accounts before we can ask people to pay to get in.

Can't even stop 🤔🤔🤔🤔

What if we burn up ALL the Steem and there's zero left? Mission accomplished?


excelente publicasion

Отличная статья, заставляет поразмыслить )

Great article makes you think!

It's the job of the committee to come up with guidelines for how we evaluate the different offers and then rank them. This committee acts with complete independence from Steemit, and Steemit has not exerted any influence whatsoever over this process.

erm... refresh my memory folks.

¿Who are these guys behind the committee? Usernames please!!

That is the great comitee made a few months back, the spanish language is represented by the all powerful state.

the spanish language is represented by the all powerful state.

¿The Spanish Powerful State?

¡Holy Moly! And these chaps who are? Adecos, Copeyanos, PSUVistas o der Chiripero?

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lets all give pensiff all our moneysz

Hey man, I love that he reports to authors when their posts have been added. In my book, its not spam when it is informative to the person being sent to. Let's not get too carried away with labeling things spam.

Most people don't read it anyways. It's like most "big name" curation posts. Just placeholders for their autovotes.

It's really not that different than @steemitboard. But hey, at least the bot tells me I made 35K upvotes, I guess.

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lets all give pensiff all our moneysz

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@smooth i am glad to see i'm not the only one flagging this ancient form of spam