OracleD Delegation Renewal Application review

OracleD Delegation Renewal Application review

Deadline: October 8th, 23:59 UTC
@oracle-d @starkerz

We have prepared this commentary as a step prior to final processing of scores and delegation recommendations to Steemit. We'd invite you to respond to the questions presented here in the comment below.
We plan to score the application based on reponses provided here before submitting to Steemit.

Please submit one answer per comment below and reference the question number in the comment.

Questions from the Committee

Please note that scores above are preliminary and will be improved once the committee has received acceptable responses to the below clarifications.

Please respond to the clarification questions in the comments section below.

Please respond one question per comment and put the clarification number at the start of the comment.

(8) Business Strategy

(8.1) Fiat Revenue Strategy: The business model seems highly dependent on the price of steem. With a low Steem price how can you modify the business model to be more sustainable at low prices?

(9) KPIs

The football academy page recent post is 5 months old, is there still activity? What metrics will judge the success of this platform?

OracleD/Yoodoo -- there should be measure of success for this as well.

(11) Delegation Request

(11.1) Which projects need the delegation, and do they need different amounts? How will it be allocated?

(13) Metrics

(13.8) How much external revenue have you generated in USD per quarter? Do not count Steem income from curation / voting.

What makes up the revenue here? Cut of fee? Payment for new accounts?

(14) Other Questions

(14.1) Do you have published guidelines for how the delegation vote is used?

Deadline: October 8th, 23:59 UTC

100% Beneficiary set to @steem.dao


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8.1 Business Strategy:
part of our revenue model does in fact come from curation rewards from clients who delegate to us, and we are therefore exposed to the steem price partially. Other revenue streams have come from from external client purchases of steem ninja, oracle-d.tasks and payment for development work. We therefore are able to make enough turnover to fund our operations during our pre seed / start up phase.

9.1 KPIs

  • KPIs for the Yoodoo task platform will be numbers of clients and numbers of users.
  • KPIs for AGFAcademy will be number of football coaches and number of players.
  • The AGFA platform is still active, but beta development is ongoing and as such we have not had many updates recently for the existing platform. please see the AGFA tag to see the current activity on the platform:

11.1 Delegation Request
Once 'new delegation applications' are available we will consider splitting the delegation up between the projects. It is highly convenient for us to use the delegation from one pot and balance our projects based on their needs. Estimates for how we expect to use the delegation is as follows:

  • AGFA 10-20%
  • YooDoo 30-40%
  • Threespeak 40-50%
    Steem Ninja (we create our accounts using this delegation and all our accounts are created through the steem ninja project.

13.8 External revenue
The revenue streams are clearly detailed in section 8.1 in the origional post. please refer to this for a response to this additional question:

14.1 Published upvoting guidelines
Our up voting guidelines have not yet been published. As a short example, the below would be a guideline for threespeak:

if your video is truly entertaining, covers citizen journalism, is high quality and does not break our terms and conditions or rules, we give upvotes at our discretion

However for the other platforms we do not have this, but will work on a blog to inform how we do this and issue it in the coming days.