Tasteem Delegation Renewal Application Review

Tasteem Delegation Renewal Application review

Deadline: October 8th, 23:59 UTC

@tasteem @travisung

We have prepared this commentary as a step prior to final processing of scores and delegation recommendations to Steemit. We'd invite you to respond to the questions presented here in the comment below.
We plan to score the application based on reponses provided here before submitting to Steemit.

Please submit one answer per comment below and reference the question number in the comment.

Questions from the Committee

Please note that scores above are preliminary and will be improved once the committee has received acceptable responses to the below clarifications.

Please respond to the clarification questions in the comments section below.

Please respond one question per comment and put the clarification number at the start of the comment.

(4) About terms of delegation:

(4.2) Please confirm that you accept that any approval of this delegation renewal becomes the terms for your future delegation.

(8) Business Strategy

(8.1) Fiat Revenue Strategy
(8.1.1) How do you convert the alpha website that you have into a revenue stream?

(8.1.2) How do you get your income stream to benefit the steem ecosystem?

(8.1.3) The project needs to do more than just delegate rewards to articles about restaurants. There needs to be a business model that will return the value back to Steemit and to the Steem community. Please clarify how you plan to do this.

(8.3) How will your business strategy increase the amount of STEEM being powered up and/or burnt?

Will you plan burning a % of this revenue? If yes, please state how much

(8.5) Are you or how will you become financially sustainable once the delegation is removed?

  1. Will you also be encouraging clients to power up steem in order to replace your delegation?

  2. Please confirm that the business model will move towards high level SEO for restaurant sites such that the steem community is leveraged to create high value SEO content for the clients of the project (the restaurants)

(10) Token Details

(10.1) Are you / Will you be offering a token?

If you are not offering a token, please specify what 'skin in the game' you will give the steem community such that it is highly unlikely or impossible for Tasteem to leave the steem blockcahin in future without negative consequances to the project

(11) Delegation Request

(11.1) Will there be any other benefit to steem blockchain as a whole?

(14) General Comments

(14.1) The Tasteem data does not appear to be organized or searchable. How will you distinguish yourself from just another blog location? For example, partnerships with restaurants, location based recommendations. Something about bringing value into the ecosystem.

(14.2) Do you have published guidelines for how the delegation vote is used?

Deadline: October 8th, 23:59 UTC

100% Beneficiary set to @steem.dao


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We accept that any approval of this delegation renewal becomes the terms for our future delegation.

(8.1.1) (8.1.3)
We have several business strategies for making fiat revenue. AD sales for local businesses and restaurants are one of them and believed to be the primary one. We’ll have a number of contents where local businesses can purchase and use as marketing tools.

When local businesses buy our ad slots, they will have multiple payment options; they can either pay with steem, steem power delegation, or fiat currency. Paying with steem or SP delegation benefits the steem ecosystem because businesses will have to buy steem from the market. It is also a great way to draw the businesses into the ecosystem. Paying with fiat won’t be the worst option because we will still convert some of the payment into steem power.

(8.3) (8.5)
10% of all revenue(fiat+steem) Tasteem makes is going to be powered up. We can demand our business partners to have steem power-ups in exchange for their demands. We also plan to develop our rank system so that users with greater steem power are incentivized with better rewards.

Yes, we will.

Yes, we confirm the business model will move towards high level SEO for restaurant sites.

Yes, we will be offering a token.

There are still many features our team has planned to add on the platform but has not yet carried out. Partnership with local restaurants is certainly one of them. Restaurant review platform on a blockchain is still unique itself, but success will only come when there is a good product. Most of all, we want to focus on what users experience on our platform. The content we deliver will have to be accurate, informative and also fun. User rank feature was one of the things we tried for this goal.

We do have a set of rules of how the vote is used, but not published guidelines.