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RE: Delegation Renewal Recommendations to Steemit

  1. Requiring power up is core concept of Steem, before you can use any app, isn't it. And improving gamification and user retention brings more users in and encourage them to power up more. 2. Use case for STEEM as mentioned in above comment added to recent update of Surfer that allows people to purchase goods (ESTM) with STEEM and SBD. More goods will be added of course but it already exists.

When esteem Steem browser? :D Like Brave? Can we fork brave and replace BAT with STEEM? SPS proposal idea?
We NEED to see steem as more of a whole internet and less of a blockchain. we can have our OWN steem BROWSER forking brave, like Gab AI is doing with replacing bAT with BTC.

Wouldn't it be way easier just to partner with one of those teams? I think partnering with the Dissenter browser is the way to go, they don't have a token yet and it would be seriously bad ass if Steem was integrated into Dissenter's universal comment system.

This is a powerful idea - do you have a contact?

Sorry, not connected with Dissenter team. But I'm sure their team would give a Steemit Inc. employee an ear if requested.

Paging the steemit team! Have they heard of this suggestion yet? That andrarchy guy?

Maintaining browser is serious and big task for our small team, although we can check our options if it brings value to Steem overall. We will do some research on this subject. Thanks for suggestions!

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