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RE: Delegation Renewal Recommendations to Steemit

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It's surprising to see your team still doubting eSteem potential and still asking how Steem can be burnt through eSteem.

eSteem has developed several projects in the past.

  • eSteem search
  • eSteem mobile
  • eSteem PC
  • eSteem Web
  • ESTM token
    And with more still coming from the roadmap.

Even Steemit still uses Google search enhancing centralized search platform! You're all talking of onboarding, people have choices, not everyone will like web app. Imagine Twitter/Facebook without a mobile app!


Cause you don't spam good like @fundition @laundition.

Im surprised we dont see more spammers scammers and anonymous ponzis on steem. Honestly it should be a magnet for the worst people and its kinda funny how much we fly under the radar. How has the gubermnet not tried to shut down steemit? Like, i feel we just havent gotten their attention yet. I guess we just need someone like alex jones and then we can get shut down by regulators lol

maybe the gubermnet knows they cant shut down steemit inc cua z of steem blockchain? maybe they dont wanna make a martyer?

people are divided and conquered. no one at steemit inc went to anyone at voat or gab ai to form some new alliance against facebook. I feel there is a alternate universe where dan never left, ned was cool and had some hot GF motivating him back in 2017 and i imagine a present where steem is $80 and totally different. We may never have actually done a building tho

nah ahha $80 steem and we would have buil;t so many MORE dapps :D

whatever i still think we can salvage steem and that the stunting of its growth wasnt TOO bad... we can always use steem for an educational blockchain. But we have to compete with Telos and TEACH and we need to really find onboarding methods as well. I have 2000 INV so i can onboard 2000 users but I need a way top FIND people who even want to use steem, no one does

i cant even give out free accounts... no one cares no one wants to post. tribes are my only hope as I have a place for locals to post and get rewarded

i plan on having a tribe for every city one day, @aggroed should make plenty of money with a city tribe for every city in the world :D

I see 👍