There have to be guidelines in place before there can be abuse. Guidelines are getting established with this, and corrective adjustments can come. If even after clear guidance and notice of consequences are ignored then it's pretty easy to defend.

There are no guidelines on Steem, and we fight “abuse” everyday. It’s called using common sense to see what is adding value or taking away value from the community shared inflation pool.

The truth is more than one of these projects have used the shared inflation pool to remove value, even with input from the community to point out the inappropriate behavior, for nothing more than their own gain. While also contributing to spam, farming, as well as many other things.

“They had no guidelines given to them” is a poor excuse used for far too long. They should all start at zero then and apply.. as I don’t know what project in their right mind would be approved for the garbage provided.

Hurray, a voice of reason!!!

yeah youre right, its common sense. and we need better, we need standards. @muyghat years ago asked for "proof of profit" and some may see that as harsh but we should try the revolutionary idea... of only rewarding projects that show a profit? :D

ok ok i know thats WAAAAAy to CRAZZZZy of an idea to ever fly on steem where the whales don't know what ideology they support :D

These "guidelines"... they need to be standardized and voted on in a STEEM DAC . The SPS is not a DAO its just a worker proposal system. we need a real DAO like Telos has, with arbitrators, Steem FOundation elections with SF having funding, and we need a steem constitution and ratification of documents and the ability to upload and vote on other documents. Then maybe we can create a consensus for these nebulous arbitrary guidelines we all try to follow... we need to just be more strict! We have to give ourselves more credit for having hiccups while we develop the next generation decentralized star trek community with no money and everyone clothed and fed :D All of these problems with "spam" and misallocation of tiny amounts of delegation are trivial or will seem so when steem is bull running and we all realize there is nothing we can do about what others do with their SP. All we can do is complain like you have done here, which isimportant, if we dont file complaints, nothing gets done. Our complaints are our voice and it is with complaints that everything gets done in any large organization. People complain and we get new products.

I think we shouldnt have a stigma about complaints. They are our lifeblood in software development, we need input from users and steemit inc has a nasty habit oif telling us to go fork ourselves. Now that we actually are forking steem and have options on eos and telos, I am happy to see steemians gettinG ANGRY about misallocation of SP, BUT its too little too late and we should just worry about onboarding, and using the tech oif steem, the distribution is a lost cause... you cant ever get steemit inc to give up 10 million steem to create accounts like they need to... SO LETS just worry about using forked version fo steem that can be used in a cross chain way, SCALING STEEM should be what we focus on AND i can ask @liquidaps-io if we can get STEEM

We are creating the next level technocratic society here, and the rest of the world just sits and lets us work. One day theyll use what we make, and we wont get much credit , just like with nikolai tesla.

But until then we have to make guidlines, we have to have standards and oracles, elected arbitrators, lots of checks and balances we can try out! None of it may be perfect but we should at least try to create more standards

Thanks for your reasonable and inciteful comment @justineh
I hope we can use governance tools from Telos like Arbitrator and Steem Foundation elections, and Document upload and ratification, so we can a have people assigned to be strict HUMAn filters :) Then we can allocate this delegation better, and have users applying struct guidelines to these projects, maybe delegation escrow, so delegation can be revoked by the arbitrator... i mean there's so many options thats just one idea...but lets not eb scared of these big words and concepts, steemit inc devs are nt the only ones who can build stuff, they just want to make their work seem muych more complicated than it is but blockchain is not rock science. no one;s lives are at stake, its just internet games, for now, untill bull run, nd then maybe livleyhoods may be at stake, but we should be more relaxed about BUIDLINg on steem. Far tooi many peopel are under this spell of "I cant do anything im just a minnow" when no its 2019 anyone can buidl anything online and thats the secret.

id apologize for my long comment but im beyond that now. People should be grateful to see any comments on any steem posts with our recent activity numbahs.

Here is 100 CHLp @challengedac tokens since you "challenged" steem's status quo :D you get a technocracy with these committee's, or an idiocracy? I'm not too sure...

I totally agree with you. @justineh

It’s called using common sense

Is not that common anymore... isn't it ?