Maybe it's better as "the equivalent of." That's basically the going rental rate for SP last I checked. I could be off.

Market rate is much lower afaik, generally around 15-20% per year, occasionally a bit higher but certainly not 50% per year.

But if you were just citing the number for illustration of the significant value being given then the exact number isn't that important. It wasn't clear to me from context that was the intent.

He's using blocktrades pricing.

It's off by a factor of 10.
Edit: Maybe 5 since HF 21. But still waaaaay off.

That is blocktrades pricing vs. Dlease pricing. They are quite different.

Yeah, that number is just impossible if it refers to the average or expected curation rewards + benefactor rewards projects gets.

At SteemPress, we do around 8k per month, which also includes benefactor rewards. As outgoing steempress votes only make up about 25% of it (meaning most benefactor value stems from other community votes on steempress content), it would be closer to 5,000 SP per month as a base line (prior to HF21 at least).